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THE CAMBRIAN AND CALEDONIAN QUARTERLY MAGAZINE. No. 20.—OCTOBER 1, 1833.—Vol. V. ON THE HIGHLAND DRESS. Conquerors have the privilege, as might confers the right, of imposing conditions on those they have subjected ; and the stronger power will by no means neglect measures to pre¬ vent any molestation from the weaker. It was the policy of the Romans rather to allay the indignant feelings of those nations they had overcome, by acts of lenity; to seduce them into cheerful submission by offering them the privileges of citizens, and by specious means to entice them to forego their ancient customs, and amalgamate with the empire, than arbitrarily to oppose the national prejudices of those over whom fortune had given them power, but whose alliance they pretended to covet. The advantage of this policy was evinced by the facility with which they advanced their conquests, and retained the allegiance of the conquered. The apparent respect in which they were held by the renowned people, of whose vast do¬ minions they were led to consider themselves an important part, prevented them from feeling the galling of the chains which were by this system the more securely rivetted. Other nations adopted a different system; and the conse¬ quence has been, determined hostility between the ill- assimilated parts of a kingdom, the different provinces of which varied widely in their manners and customs. Nothing more certainly conciliates a people than respect for their prejudices and long established usages, which are always the more tenaciously clung to, when measures are adopted in order forcibly to restrain and abolish them. Those attempts may be made in the spirit of a conqueror, who is determined to crush the energy of the unfortunate XX. K K