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THE CAMBRIAN QUARTERLY MAGAZINE AND (Etltit UUpertora* No. 15.—JULY 2, 1832.—Vol. IV. ON THE NECESSITY FOR A COMMERCIAL CODE, AND OF MERCHANT-JUDGES. To the Right Honorable the Lord Brougham and Vaux, Lord High Chancellor; fyc. &,-c. fyc. MY LORD, In my last letter to your lordship, on the expediency of "An universal State Insurance, as combined with the establishment of a more vigorous and effective Rural Police, and as conducive to the gradual reduction of the Poor Rates," I took occasion to advert to the policy of adopting those portions of the French preventive and judicial system of Police, which the exigencies of the times seem to require, and which appear to me to be the least discordant to our habits and institutions. Pardon me for again presuming to request your lordship to cast another glance across the channel, for the purpose of com¬ paring the French and English systems of commercial jurispru¬ dence. To that enlightened judge and statesman, who has not dis¬ dained to introduce into his Bill for the creation of courts of local judicature, the preliminary " Conciliation" of the French code, in the place of our old "Imparlances," originally intended for the same benevolent and conciliatory purpose, nothing I am persuaded will appear contemptible or unworthy of consideration merely because it is French; but every suggestion for the im¬ provement of our civil polity will be measured by its own intrinsic merit, without reference to the quarter from whence it comes. Fas est et ab hoste doceri:—but, thank God! France and England are no longer enemies. There now exists no contention no. xv. x