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THE CAMBRIAN QUARTERLY MAGAZINE AND (Keltic Uepextovn. No. 9.—JANUARY 1, 1831.—Vol. III. THE LITERARY AND TRANSLATION SOCIETY OF WALES. Previously to entering upon the above, in our opinion, very important subject, we feel it to be incumbent on us to offer a few explanatory remarks, on our own account, relative to our advocacy of an Institution entitled "the Literary and Translation Society of Wales," apprehensive as we are that such advocacy may be sufficient to strengthen an erroneous conclusion adopted by some of our English contemporaries, who, we have reason to suspect, have, through misconception of our motives, refrained from ren¬ dering us our fair meed of approbation; and who, in many instances, have openly taxed the "Cambrian Quarterly" with a tendency to perpetuate narrow prejudices, and to foster national antipathies by the tenor of several of its articles, and more especially, advocating the revival, or rather the preservation from total oblivion, of the ancient Welsh language; they, the said critics, having long since come to the conclusion, that the sooner this remaining mark of distinction between the two people is ob¬ literated, the better. Upon this latter point, however, as a gene¬ ral proposition, we, for our part, are well contented to join issue, as will be sufficiently manifest from a perusal of our present paper; to the confutation of the minor charges we shall, in these our intro¬ ductory observations, confine ourselves. The difficulty in dis¬ proving charges of the vague and general nature of those urged against us must be fully apparent: we can only meet them by challenging our accusers to point out any page in our periodical which can be justly accused of having a tendency to strengthen narrow prejudices or national antipathy: have we not argued with the black-lettered Welsh scholar upon the absurdity of con¬ tinuing an exclusive system : and protested against his impatience