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THE CAMBRIAN QUARTERLY MAGAZINE AND Celtic ifctpertorj). No. 5.—JANUARY 1, 1830.—Vol. II. THE STATE OF CAMBRO-BRITISH LITERATURE. "A yeati has now rolled on since the birth of the Cambrian Quarterly Magazine. It has left us with more fervent hopes and prouder confidence in our country. We trust that our pages may always be as a sanctuary within which no provincial jealousies, no exclusively national prejudices, nothing but an enlightened and holy patriotism, may obtain admission." In addressing ourselves to our countrymen, it can scarcely be necessary for us to say much. It is related of the North American Indians, that they will traverse immense tracts of country, which have long been in the possession of their white enemies, and dis¬ cover the burial-place of their remote ancestors by the mere aid of traditional description, amid all the innovations of transatlantic colonization: and shall we, who boast ourselves the earliest civilized people of Britain, to whose annals belong Caractacus and Arthur, the idols of British freedom and European chivalry; shall we, who still possess, in peace and honour, the inheritance of our fathers, yield in pious veneration of the past, to the untutored outcast of the wilderness? We appeal to our countrymen of all parties and opinions; we think something has been done to entitle the Cambrian Quarterly to the sympathy of every real lover of his country's honour, if it has merely been the means of showing, that a periodical may be supported in Wales solely by a disinterested zeal for her literature and her welfare.