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THE CAMBRIAN QUARTERLY MAGAZINE AND GZtltit &epertorg* No. 4. -OCTOBER 1, 1829.—Vol. I. SUMMER RAMELES IN WALES. No. III.—Aberystivyth. Part 2nd. [ Continued from page 370.] Bv the desire of Davy Sion Evan, the monks all left the council- room, save Druan Bach, whom he requested to remain. " And now, lad, what is thy counsel?'' said the father, when they were alone ; " how canst thou serve us in this strait ?" " By saving thy father's life with the gold that thou must furnish me withal," answered the boy. " I have no gold," replied the monk, with a look of astonishment, not without some mixture of fear. " Look to it, most wise and religious father," said Davy; " is it a time to hoard thy paltry store, when the sword of Ap Owen is at your throats, and his torch at your gates ? Who should be the first to feel his fury, when he sweeps this country like a tempest, but the sons and vassals of his sworn foe, Ednowain? And, if ye let the strength of Twr Eden perish, who will stand between you and the death? Hark ye," he continued, sternly, "lead me to thy trea¬ sure-house, and give me the ransom for your sire and brethren ; or, by the light of heaven, I will myself wrest it from thee, in the face of the whole brotherhood." Druan stood mute and aghast; his face alternately crimsoned with shame, and pale with terror; then, without a word, drew a key from his bosom, and beckoned his grim menacer to follow him. Through dark and winding passages they made their way, in silence, to the foot of a small turret. Druan Bach cautiously withdrew three or four flat stones, and discovered a door, which NO. IV. 3 D