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RED DRAGON ADVERTISER. HI. JDEAN AND S O N 'JS^JST^ Corrected to two months later date than any other similar Works. Has over 50 Pages more matter than last year. 170th TiT?"RTJl?nPnn'C! 170th Year. UJdjJl>JlVX!j 1 1 £> Tear. PEERAGE. BARONETAGE. KNIGHTAGE, AND COMPANIONAGE FOR 1884. Being Corrected to the end of December, 1883, it contains later informa¬ tion than any other kindred volume, and about 50 pages of Extra Matter, com¬ prising succinct description of Predecessors of Peers and interesting Historical Data. It is the only Volume that gives the Biographies and Addresses of Companions of the various Orders and of the Collateral Branches of Peers and Baronets. Royal Edition of Debrett's Peerage, Baronetage, Companionage, and Knightage, Titles of Courtesy, with the Armorial Bearings of the Nobility. Price 30s., cloth gilt, gilt edges; or calf, 35s. 6d.; or in Two Volumes, cloth, 15s. 6d. each. -T^~TH"l,~R~r-?/"r-t"l' | » | "c^ HOUSE OF COMMONS AND THE JUDICIAL BENCH, With Armorial Engravings of M.P.s, Judges, and Parliamentary Boroughs. Price 7s.; half-calf, 12s. Victoria cross: WITH THE GALLANT DEEDS WHICH WON IT. Full of Illustrations. See Victoria Cross in Zululand, 2s. 6d. gilt edges, and Victoria Cross in Afghanistan, 2s. 6d. gilt edges. Ditto in the Crimea—in India —in Abyssinia, Is. each, or Is. 6d. cloth gilt. By Lieut.-Col. Knollys and Major Elliott. Gallant Deeds of Sepoys and Sowars, Is.; or Is. 6d. cloth, fully illustrated. Post free, 2d. extra. Little Plays for Little Actors and Home Performance. Ten LITTLE BLUEBELL, by Amee, Is. 9 The PRINCE and WITCH, by Myra Craeg, Is. Others in Series are—7 Miller's Maid, Is. 6 Babes in the Wood, Is. 5 Mother Goose, Is. 4 Puss in Boots, Is. 3 Cinderella, Is. 2 Whittington, Is. 1 Beauty and Beast, Is. 8 King Richard, Is. By Miss Corner. Each Is., gilt edges. Post free, Is. Id. PARLOUR PLAYS, with directions for arrangement at small expense, edited by Clement Scott, 2s. 6d. THE CHESS PLAYER'S CHRONICLE, A Journal of In-door and Out-door Amusement. Published Weekly, price 3d. Terms of Subscription:— Three Months, 3s. 3d.; Six Months, 6s. 3d.; Twelve Months, 12s.________ Just Published, with 452 various and very Usefid Receipts,—Six Shillings, GUNTER'S MODERN* CONFECTIONER AND BISCUIT BAKER, With Designs for Preparing and Laying Out Dessert. Fifth Edition. A Practical Illustrated Guide to the Latest and Most Improved Methods of Making the various kinds of Confectionery, including Ices. FHTNODDERREE, AND OTHER LEGENDS OF THE ISLE OF MAN. By E. Callow, a Native of the Island. With 63 original illustrations designed by well-known artists, and engraved by W. Watson. Small quarto, gilt edges. The9e Romantic Legends of the Isle of Man, collected from various sources, are now presented for the first time in the form of Fairy Tales; and will be found alike entertaining to the lover of romance and the curious in legendary lore. Price Five Shillings. LONDON: DEAN & SON, Publishers. 160a, Fleet Street E.C. [010