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11. RED DRAGON ADVERTISER. THE SQUIRE: 31 J&ontlrllJ J&aga^itw for (&oxxntt% (&ttdhmm. CONDUCTED BY MORGAN EVANS. OPINIONS OF THE PRESS. " Very readable ; sport and fiction being very pleasantly mingled."—Globe. " Fresh and pleasant, winning on all sides hearty wishes for its prosperous career."—Life. " A young but vigorous magazine.....Although specially intended for 'The Squire,' the squires' wives and daughters are not forgotten, and it contains much general pleasant reading."—Lady's Pictorial. " This successful and highly entertaining magazine."—Sporting Life. " It is de facto a magazine for country gentlemen. Its contents are just of that character which residents in the country look for."—Society. " Full of readable articles on a variety of interesting topics."—North British Agriculturist. " The Squibk has all the vivacity as well as the energy of youth."—BeWs Lift. That very remarkable monthly periodical The Squire."—Agricultural Gazette. " It is just what a magazine for country gentlemen ought to be."—Judy. " Continues to be admirably conducted."—Welshman. "This magazine is sure to become a favourite with country gentlemen."— Waterford Daily Mail. " Worthy of the position it aims to fill."—Eastern Morning News. " The Squibe is a most desirable acquaintance and companion, full of entertaining matter."—Fun. LONDON: FRANKLYN & Co., 92 & 93, FLEET STREET, E.C. [03 VISITORS TO CARDIFF SHOULD BUY DANIEL OWEN AND COMPANY'S ILLUSTRATED GUIDE TO CARDIFF. 150 ILLUSTRATIONS. PAPER COVERS, 6d.; CLOTH, LETTERED, Is.