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RED DRAGON ADVERTISER. DANIEL OWEN & COMPANY, PRINTERS, LITHOGRAPHERS, BOOKBINDERS, ACCOUNT BOOK MANUFACTURERS, WHOLESALE STATIONERS. PUBLISHERS OF ABC RAILWAY TIMS TABLES, CARDIFF TIDE TABLES AND ALMANAC, ILLUSTRATED GUIDE TO CARDIFF, THE RED DRAGON (the National Magazine of Wales), &c. WESTERN MAIL BUILDINGS, CARDIFF. SCRIVENER, GILL & Co., Sole Licencees and Manufacturers of the MAGNETIC CURATIVE APPLIANCES, THE LATEST PATENTED IMPROVEMENT BY IP. "W*. SBYMOXJB, Original Inventor of the Magnetic System of Cure, Medical Electrician and Lecturer on Electricity and Magnetism at the Government Science Sclwols, Onslow College, South Kensington. For Pamphlet with prices and testimonials apply to S. G. cfc Co., JJlv, Regent Street, W. (Entrance in Maddox Street), LONDON. [034 .A. FEW OOIPLES History and Antiquities of St. David's, by the Bishop of St. David's and Mr. Freeman, Reduced to £3 3s. ArchzEOLOGLE CambrExNsis, 2nd Series, 6 vols., Reduced to £2 13s. Llandaff Cathedral, by E. A. Freeman, Reduced to 3/6. " Life of Ab Ithel," by James Kenward. " My Portfolio," or, Stray Pages, by W. B., Price, 6d. " Traditionary Annals of the Cymry," 5/-, by the late Kev. J. Williams. Walcott's St. David's, 6d. Walcott's Llandaff, Gd. Lister's Sea Fishing, 2/-. Bone Caves, Gd. Barber's Ancient Britons. Christ College, Brecon. Druidism, 2j6. Syinonds' Milforc Haven, Gd. Morlais Castle. David Morgan, the Welsh Jacobite, 1/6. Apply MASON, Publisher, Tenby.