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lWt "**^?T^"av*iYit -"-"• *—.""Mr'' -ifww J*:'"' f^^ir^^Vi^,^"^%mS^irr'^nt;^-^^i^^ t fALESi' tmi M111U! ilium ii»! | Ifi HIII tUW <) I Ml ^r* I. The Genius of Youth (H.fBR" Holman) . • . 301 II. Dafydd Ap Gwilym to., Morfudd (H.J. Evans) .306 III. The Cambridge Training College (Lucy L. Ward). 307 IV. The Company of St. George (F. W, Moorman) 313 V. Eavesdropping . . ^l8 VI Correspondence (Censores) 321 VII. College Notes —Celtic Society—Scientific Society— ss. Cricket—Tennis S%w Tournament . 324. J* Vol. XV. June, 1893. No. 9 H.W.GilhertmtiuMist/CW delt\