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}ûh~f6*c ìmíì:fr*J&M*j*. Vul,IX. No.97.] JANUARY, 1903. [PRICE THREEPENCE. àT -; - , Í'.S M ■ §i lONÄI/ PERIODICAL Edited by J.HUGH.EDWÀRDS. -j ív6v . CONTENTS. Welsh Educational Notes. By A. C. Humphreys-Owen, M.P. A Oreeting from the Mayor of Cardiff. The Religious Progress of Wales. By W. George Roberts. Wales in 1902: A Review. Wales and its Mission. By lÌRY. HUGH PlîICE Hughes, M.A. The Development of Welsh Watering Places. By C. S. Denniss. The Needs of Wales. I. -Land Reform. By W. Llewellyn Williamü, B.C.L. The Makers of Modern Wales. i,—J. Viriamu Jones, M.A., B.Sc, F.R.S. By J. AUSTIN Jëneins, B.A. Photo by] [Digbton, Cardiff. The Late YIRIAMU JONES, F.R.S. A'Day with the Editor. By F. E. Hâmee. CARDIFF: ROBERTS BROTHERS. LONDON: SIMPKIN, MARSHALL, & Co.