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W1 © 3KC #< M JL 3D I?v iiil^iiiiilp No. 1. ^DECEMBER 2,:i898.. . t Price 3d. -TK<^K>^iiS^a>^c;^Kv^cs^ii>^^ ^><Ks«<XV*VTK>'' $hc J£ftaver>fordiDGst Q^c^e ^°t°^ (BRIDGE STREET). Pafepenized by fehe Heading Geunfev, Families. Sole Agency over North Pembrokeshire for Leading & High-class Cycles. Cycles for Sale, Qxchange, ■ or Jfflire. The Ajt of ..Cycling. Properly Taught by Experienced Tutors. - Agent to the Leading Tyre Manufacturers. . ml 1 1>S • SSI ' XT" &S !»: $1 (30-Carts, Peram6ulators., <Se-Loin§ .Machines, <§c, 6y Best .Makers at | JLotuest Casfv Prices. r (gradual Payment System (strictly private), PROPRIETOR and MANAGER— J. J. Sweeney 3 ||- (Certificated Agent,) to whom all Communications should be addressed. 'VWl'^T County School, Fishguard.