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Sf - r "* «-. • • ' ■ , r " ." THE CAMBRIAN! MAGAZINE. OCTOBER 1, 1813. HISTORY OF WALES, CHAP. II. SECT. II. (Continued from p. 373 of The Cjmbrian Visitor. Incursion of the Caledonians—(campaign of Scvcrus—Independent \ sovereignty eku led in Britain—Empire restored by Consltiiitius— The Cynethian and Cornwall families—-Invasions of the Victs, Scots, and Saxons, §c. $c.—Final departure of the Romans. COMMODUS, Mho ascended the Imperial throne on the death of his father Marcus Anto¬ ninus, was a man of dissolute pro¬ pensities,and altogether unworthy of his exalted parentage.The ram¬ pant luxuries of his court spread their venom amongst the soldiery, and gradually relaxed the sinews of discipline, till enervation usurped the place of vigour, and indolence succeeded to enterprize. These effects extended to. the Roman dominions in Britain, and the Ca¬ ledonians took advantage of their operation, by forcing a passage over the rampart of Adrian, and destroying a Roman general and his army, before they could be repelled. VOL. 2* This incursion seems to have roused the Romans to greater vigilance. No farther commo¬ tions disturbed the reign of Corn- modus ; and his immediate suc¬ cessors, Pertinax, and Didius Julianus, found affairs at homo in too precarious a situation, to quit them for distant expeditions. - Tranquillity was not, however, yet permitted to reign amid the few retreats which were left her in Britain. This island seems to bave been resorted to by the Ro¬ mans, as a sort of licensed the¬ atre for exercising their favorite game of conquest. Like many, who have been better instructed, and who are, consequently, much more criminal, they mistook for .■; ■" ■."•.--- a .. -'.' TOaioi.cit