THE NEWPORT REVIEW, AND MONMOUTHSHIRE REGISTER, Vol. 1.—-No". 8) Newport, Saturday, Oct. a6th, 1822. (Price ad.""" Can I not strip the gilding off a knive, tmplac'd, unpensioa'J, no man's heir or slave ? I will, or perish in the glorious cause : Hear this and tremble! you who 'scape the lawi, Yes, while I live, no rich or crafty knave Shall walk the world in credit to his grave, "i'DM." Monmouth Goal, Oct. \7tht 1822. Zo tfit WnUzptntotnt Bttrgrggrg of Bttopovt antr tim'r ^uppmtcr.s. Gentlemen* You have heard, I dare say, the result of my application " for the benefit of the act for the relief of insolvent debtors." On Monday last I was brought to TTsk, to be heard on my petition. I was opposed by " Prothuck's son." His first ground of Opposition was, that I was actuated by malice in the libel which I published against him." Strange to be gure, that I should feel malice against one who had treated me so kindly. The second objection was, " that I had give'n an undue preference to some of my creditors;" and jthe third, " that I had fraudeot- \y made away with my property, for the purpose of depriving my creditors of it. The first and last ob¬ jection were overuled by the Court. The second, that of having given an undue preference "was, in the opinion of the Court substantiated; and the Chair¬ man, Mr. Bosanquet, sentenced ine to six months imprisonment. *