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tetc-A^ttt^ ,y ^>^ me ' ?/ j/ NEWPORT REVIEW^ *-^> f*& /*2i_ MONMOUTHSHIRE REGISTER. Vot. I.—N»» j.J Mewport, Trtiay, Sep. *wh» t8»*. fPrfce |4. Caa I -list 'ttrif ibe.giMisg off* knave* iHlfltT'd, uapeaiionM, so taaa'i heir or alavt ? 1 will, or pemli in the ^m» cmte: Hear tbit and trembleJ you who 'scape toe Inn. TF«fe while I lire, no ricb or crafty kesvc Shall walk the wwM w credit to bit grawe. THOMAS PROTHERO, itttfa Cleft o/ Ne&pori, " Letters have often caused the writers To curse the day they were inditers." Sift, Whate\er of truth there may be in the motto affixed to this tetter, I have resolved, neverthe¬ less to address you; 1 shall off«*r no apology, or make any excuse f»>r sodom?: It is cnoogh f«»r me, that i think it my dnty; and auftcjie&t, if I entertain a hope that m discharging this duty I may he of service to you* and to the puhHe , .particularly to the inhabUROts of New* prrt, whoae interest I have at heart. It is now li month* tmce yon ami I .have had any <onversah<m together $ the following occasions excepted, vi$. when you »***ulted meat tout^hiUa— When w* dune into