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NEWPORT REVIEW, 3XMOUTHSHIRE REGlSTf Vcme,, J.—Mo. 4.) ,N#«*por I ft. (Price 3<L Caa I not strip the gildiaf off a kaawe, I will, or perish in the fktima amm: Hear this and tremble ! you whs 'scape the laws. -Yes, whiio I live, no rich or crafty knave Shall walk the world in credit to his grave* TO THE JOtTRNEYMEN TAYLORS #f ftt£$j?§tt, Gentlemen, Qeptfewpn ; Yes (i^idemen. IIqw 1 0 of our wi>o ones vvd word Om kitten to jo urn 1 urm, at my applying the i Tavi.*rs. Some of ready made, t k it le^s dishonorable, to han to learo how to make world appear* to be the I • 1 he who do ! <!J Ihe comforts and* :-m,; Shoemakers, audCarru-«n.-.s. and M-^on <. &". are called the lower K tl.o e v.nlcK miiltltnrlp ', uic n«riiii»|i nisi u< iti''u,