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THE HOME MISSIONARY. THE PROFITS (IF ANY) OF THE SALE OF THIS MISCELLANY WILL BE APPROPRIATED TO T«E *ON© RAISED BY THE "WELSH CALVINISTIC METHODISTS FOR THE PROMOTION OF THE GOSPEL IN THE MARCHES OF WALES. Vol II, No. 15. AUGUST, 1843. Pkice Id. EXTRACT OE A SERMON Preached in the Flintshire Marches. Heb. xi. 7. " By faith Noah, being warned of God of things not seen as yet, moved with fear, prepared an ark to the sanng of his house; by which he condemned the world, and be¬ came heir of ihe righteousness which is bv faith." We often put ourselves to great in¬ convenience in order to please our fellow-creatures—especially the rich and influential portion of them— whilst we are careless and indifferent as to whether we please God or not! Such ought not to b e the case—it is a strong proof of our spiritual igno¬ rance—our ignorance of God as well as of ourselves; and perhaps it is evidence of our enmity against God. The apostle in this chapter (or book of martyrs) expressly informs us that " without faith (whatever else we might possess) it is impossible to please Him ;" and perhaps by faith in this instance we are to understand simply taking God at his word, and believing that he will perform what he has revealed and promised; as examples the patriarchs are intro¬ duced, and amongst them Noah, who. though he lived in an age which was exceedingly corrupt and un¬ godly, is the first who is described as a man who " walked with God." From the words of the text let us notice the following:— . I. The Warning Noa-h Received. JHie was warned of the approaching danger. Such a catasteophe wasJ never heard of or seen before—it was a special judgment inflicted by God upon sinners ; and therefore Noah's faith was called into exercise—-faith being the "eviience of things not seen." In the warning we can perceive something of the merciful character of God—that he is ever " slow to anger," and always warns before he punishes. One hundred and twenty years' notice is given, and Noah is engaged duringthattime in warning the people of their danger—indeed every blow that he gave to the ark had a warning sound in it, but all was in vain—" they were eating and drinking, marrying and giving in marriageto the very day that Noah en¬ tered into the ark." Does Gad deter¬ mine to destroy Sodom and Gomor¬ rah—he warns them; also the Nine- vites, &c, &e. We know very little of each other's circumstances, but this we know, that we have all been warned of an impending danger— that of living and dying in sin, and in consequence suffering the venge¬ ance of an angry God to eternity. May God in his mercy alarm us, humble us, and bring us to wonder at bis forbearance. T%e Lord some¬ times warns by Ms Word—a verse from the Bible has an alarming in¬ fluence on the sinner. Sometimes by his Ministers—the preacher is made the instamment to arouse the ■unconverted—Baelciel xxxiii., 7, 8, 9. Sometimes by his Spirit—'a small still voiee speaks effectually to the mind of the man. And very of¬ ten in bis Providence—God has some motive in all liis dealings with us. The Divine warnings are faithful, af-