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THE WREXHAM RECORDER. " 0, the Recorder:—let me see." Hamlet. Vol.1. No. 11. JANUAEY, 1849. [Peice 3d. RETROSPECT. Oor experiment in commencing this little periodical has fully answered our most sanguine anticipations, and we look back upon our labours with unmixed satisfaction. Our desire was to record the progress of improve¬ ment in our town and neighbourhood, to speak of that which had taken place, to write of that which was going on, and to be a vehicle for sugges¬ tions of what there is yet room for. We have, during our short career, witnessed the opening and comfortable occupation of the Market Hall; the completion of the line of Railway from Chester ^Shrewsbury ; the commencement of a better system of sewerage in the town, which must result from the annihilation of the Eagles Meadow Ditch; and last, though far from least, the establishment of a Literary Association upon a basis so firm and broad, and with support so respectable and extensive, as much to exceed our expectation. To call attention to this institution, to record its proceedings, and to interest our readers in the subject of edu¬ cation generally, will be a principal object of our care during the ensuing year. We hear much around us upon this subject, and there are plenty t)f schools in and near the town, with the exception of a iew localities, we shall hereafter mention; but how far education is progressing is another question. We fear the rising generation around us does not advance much except in bodily stature. We have, in a previous number, hinted at the subject of public wash- houses and baths ; this is a subject we shall again advert to, together with the statistics of filth in the town, upon which subject we are sorry to say, there are ample materials for a long paper. We thank our readers and correspondents for their support and assistance, and wish them all a NO. XI. K