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THE WREXHAM RECORDER. " 0, the Recorder:—let me see*' Hamlet. Vol. I. No. 10. DECEMBER, 1848. [Pbioe 2d. HISTORICAL GLEANINGS, No. 8. Cadwgan Hall, neae Weexham. Towaeds the Western extremity of the parish of Wrexham, in the town¬ ship of Esclusham Below, situate upon a gentle eminence is the venerable Cadwgan Hall, a large pile of building shattered with age, (is framed wholly with timber springing into a variety of forms for its support, the interstices filled mostly with hazel rods and plaster), upon the mould¬ ering roof of which have fallen the snows of more than three centuries, although it has now little to boast of from its exterior appearance, and presents to the eye of the spectator little more than a large old house, a great portion of which having long since been converted into shippons, barns, &c.; but in spite of such drawbacks from admiration, this ancient pile (connected with the fate of its once unfortunate owner, and the mel¬ ancholy and certain results of suspected treasonable conspiracy), has much to command attention. * This place with a considerable property was owned by the Jones's of the stock of Tudor Trevor, Edward Jones, Esq., the last possessor, was most unfortunately made aquainted by his dearest friend, Thomas Salis¬ bury, Esq., of fLleweni, with a design of a foreign invasion, an attempt * Pennant, vol- 1, p. 396. f Lleweni Hall, which is near Denbigh, was purchased about the year 1783,. by the Hon. Thomas Fitzmaurice, brother to the Marquis of Landsdowne, from Sir Iiobert Salisbury Cotton, Bart., of Combermere Abbey, Cheshire. That gentleman possessed the place by the marriage of his ancestor, Sir Robert Cotton, with Hester, sister to Sir John Salisbury, the last Baronet of his name, in the time of Charles II. The Salisbury's were an English family, settled here before the time of Henry III. Several of the portraits were transferred with the estate, and preserved in the (then) magnificent old Hall, Sir .John Salisbury, the strong, is represented on board, a half length, with short dusky hair, &c, with one hand, on his sword ; dated 1591, Aa3t. 24. He succeeded to the estate on the execution of his eldest brother, Thomas, NO. X. I