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THE WREXHAM RECORDER. " 0, the Recorder:—let me see." Hamlet. Vol. I. No. 3. MAY, 1848. [Price 2d. SOME ACCOUNT OF THE HUNDEED OF BROMFIELD. Continued. The Lordship of Bromfield was parceled out into seventeen Manors, and these were again sub-divided into sixty-two Towns or Townships or Hamlets. Many, in fact most, of these exist to the present day, but some of them have been absorbed into the larger divisions to which they adjoin, and have lost their distinctive character. The following table, enumerating these divisions, is copied from one compiled in the 4th year of the Eeign of Queen Elizabeth. First,—The Villa Leoni, alias Holte, with its franchise and liberties. Burton, cum membra, viz.: Burton, AUington, Gwersilte, Gresforde. Iscoyde, cum mem: Sutton, Dutton Diffaeth, Dutton y brayne, Cacka Dutton, Boresham Hova, Boresham Eiifreye, Gourton, Bieston, Erlisham. Maneria de, Ilewl'mgton and Hem, Manerium de, Rydley. Esclmham, cum mem: viz.: Esclusham, Bersham, Brimbo, Christioneth Kenrick. Ruyabon, cum mem: viz.: Euyabon, Marchwele, Euyton. Wrexham Villa, Wrexham Vechan, Wrexham Fawr. Abenbury, cum mem: viz.: Abenbury, Eyton, Erbistock, Sontley. JPickhill, cum mem.: viz.: Pickhill, Sesswick. Cobham, cum mem : viz.: Cobham Aimer, Cobham Iscoyd. Eglmegle, cum mem: viz.: Trevibuchan, Broughton, Stanstie ucha, Ackton, Morton Walbchorum, Erthig. Dynhynlle, Dynhynlle. Fabrorum, Morton, Anglicorum, Bedwall. Minera, tantum cum libertate. The reader will not fail to observe, that the great majority of these NO. III. d