" Old Brecknock Chips." FKIDAY, AUGUST 31st. 72 A WELSH SQUIEE UNJUSTLY IMPBISONED FOE EIGHT YEAES. LEGAL TYEANNY TWO HUNDEED YEAES AGO. THE WEONG MAN AEEESTED. [Continued from August 24th.] The following is the second portion of Edward Games's first petition :— And fourthly, for his Lordship's continuing of your Petitioner Imprisoned, and the said Injunction a foot, after the Motion of the 21st December, 1711, and notwithstanding at that motion the deposition of one Ellis Eoberts, by which he swore only to his Belief, and all other the false suggestions insisted upon on the said Watters behalf, were so manifestly disproved by the report of Sir Bichard Holford, that the said Lord Harcourt himself declared, That it was apparent that your Petitioner was not the Defendant. Nevertheless, and although his Lordship was informed that the real Defen¬ dant Games of Tregare was then living, and that it was evident by the said report, Certificate and Order of Dismission, that the Bill of 1693, which was the Cause in which the costs had been taxed, had been filed nine years before the Bill of 1702, and that the last was dismissed with costs to your Petit¬ ioner, and that there was neither Valid Oath, nor Cause in Court to justify the Commit¬ ment, or to support the said Injunction, Yet could not his Lordship be prevailed upon to Dissolve the said Injunction, nor to grant your Petitioner the said Writ of Indemnity ; but to delay your Petitioner, referred the matter, though long before reported, as afore¬ said, to be de novo certified of Mr Fellows, one of the present Masters of the said Court; and upon a subsequent Motion, made the 7th day of February following, on the behalf of the said Watters, to discharge the said Order of Eeference to the said Mr Fellows ; not only admitted the said false Oath and dismissed Bill, that appeared to be false and dismissed as aforesaid, to be given in Evidence against your Petitioner, but was so intemperately violent, that he would suffer neither the Honble. Sir William Whitlock, and Sir Francis Page, and Mr Kettleby, your Petitioner's Counsel, and the same that was upon the former Motion, nor your Petitioner to object to the Illegality of the said Practice, and Falsity of the said Oath and Evidence, nor would he then permit your Petitioner's Evidence, nor ever since, any Petition of your Petitioner's for the said Writs of Eight to be read in Court, nor suffer him to insist. That there was not any Oath made that the said Watters was intituled to the said costs, nor publish Commissions that are in that Court, and undeniable Evidence in your Petitioner s case, as by his Affidavit appears ; nor admit your Petitioner to show how there was incerted in the Order, £45 6s. 8d., sub¬ sequent costs, without serving your Petit¬ ioner, or having any Eeport of the same as your Petitioner ever knew of, but instantly discharged his said own Order of the 21st December before : And continued your Petitioner Imprisoned, and the said Injunc¬ tion a foot, so as your Petitioner could neither secure his Damages by proceeding to Judgment against the said Watters in his life-time, nor prove that he was not the Defendant to obtain his Liberty : Which severity being observed, your Petitioner could never since have any Counsel to be concerned for him ; nor would other Courts, your Petitioner applied himself unto, grant him any Belief, but insisted that they could not examine your Petitioner's case upon a Habeus Corpus, which your Petitioner humbly conceives to be expressly contrary to both the Eesolutions of Parliament, in the Third and Fourth of Car. I., and the Habeus Corpus Act. Wherefore, and for that your Petitioner has failed of Belief from other Courts, and for five years and Nine Months last past has remained, and still doth remain Imprisoned in the Fleet Prison, to the irreparable Destruction of his health, and to the utter Euin of his Estate and Family, defeated of his said £3,000 Damages, by the death of the said Watters, before Judgment obtained against him, by reason of the granting and illegally continuing afoot of the said Injunc¬ tion, unless relieved by the justice of this Honourable House, so eminently intrusted to secure the Liberties and Persons of the Subjects from being destroyed by an undue Administration of the Laws, and the violent proceedings of such as are injudicial author¬ ity, and above the reach of the ordinary Courts of Justice. For which several Eeasons, and for that it is evident to your Honours, that your Petitioner is Believable by Parliament only, for that the said Watters being dead as aforesaid, no other Court can oblige the said Lord Harcourt to make good the said £3,000 Damages for the first 18 Months, and for the Satisfaction for his last Five Years and Nine Months wrong Imprisonment. May it therefore please your Honours, in