Old Brecknock Chips." 68 " well connected," that his father had held a lucrative crown office, that his mother was the daughter of one of the richest citizens in London, and the granddaughter of a famous Mayor. It does not appear that he himself was ever married : when he came to die, at any rate, he was a childless man. His nearest relative on the father's side was his first cousin, his namesake, the son of his father's brother. On the mother's side there were the Smyths of Ostenhanger, enormously rich, three at least of his uncles Sir John, Sir Thomas, and Sir Richard Smyth honored with Knighthood; among his cousins german on the same side were Alice, wife of Sir Christopher Hatton ; Margaret, wife of Sir Thomas Ayloffe, Bart., ; Sir Thomas Fanshaw; widow of Sir Hen. Fanshaw, and Sir Arthur Harris. P.V. [To be concluded.] FRIDAY, AUGUST 17th. SIR JOHN DAVY, OF DEFYNOCK. (Concluded from August 10th, 1888). It is necessary to review these kinsmen of his, and their position in wealth and rank, not only in order to identify the persons mentioned in his will, but to understand the motive of the disposition that he made of his estate. The will itself was informal; his mother's kin endeavoured to upset it; but it was confirmed by judicial sentence, and incidentally the bequest to the parish of Defynog was saved. But there is no reason to suppose the will in its intention was hastily prepared. Under what obligation was he to make rich men richer ? Instead, he bequeathed the Little Forest to his heir male: he left to Defynog a sum to be applied at Ms executor's discretion, and the residue he gave to his trusted servant, Robert Eccleston. For at least ten years previous Eccleston had been associated in his affairs, and in the particular application that he made of his master's charity to Defynog he doubtless only carried out a design long since discussed and determined between them He had been concerned with the first purchase made by Sir John in the parish. Ap. 30 12 Jas. (1614). Indenture of Bargain and Sale enrolled in Chancery May 6 same year, between Richard Prytherch of the Inner Temple Esq. and Tobias Mathewe of London gent., of the one part, and Robert Eccleston of London gent, and Roger Gibbon of London gent, of the other, of all the Little Forest of Brecon with the appurtenances. [Abstract of title ] What remains to be said is supplied by the following wills: the first, that of Sir John Davy, I give verbatim; the wills of his father and mother at less length. [In Margin], T. Dni Johis Davy militis. To my cousen John Davy my Father's Brother's Sonne I give all my freehold land in the parishe of Divinock in the countie of Brecknock and my parsonage of Abernaunte and Conwell in the countie of CarmarĀ¬ then. Item I give to my cousen Thomas Smith of Cossam my unckle Harrys sonne (1) one thousand pound. Item I give the parishe of Divinock for pious uses Forty pound per annum out of the parsonage of Abernaunt at the discretion of my executor. Item I give to the use of the parishe of Aldermanbury in London one hundred pound at the discretion of my executor. Item I give to Sir Thomas Smith knight my unckle ten pound. Item I give to my unckeli Sir Richard Smith tenn pound. Item I give to my Aunt the Lady Fanshawe (2) tenn pound. To Joan Eccleston son of my sarvant Robart Eccleston an annuitie of tenn pound per annum and two hundred pound in money. Item I give to my servants as followeth, viz., Simon Ive twenty pound an anuitie for life. Tho: Wells tenn pound an anuitie for life. Robart Wright tenn pound an anuitie for life. Roger a yeares wages. Katherin Tucke Five pound an anuitie for life. Robert Eccleston [blank in original], Mr Tho. Fanshawe of Jinkins (3) [blank], Mr Will. Fanshawe (4) [blank], Sir Arthur Harrys [blank], Sir Tho. Butler [blank], Mr Oliver Butler (5) [blank], My Lady Hatton (6) [blank]. I doe nominate and appoint my servaunt Robert Eccleston my sole Executor to see this my last will and testament performed in the presents of these John Downame, Rictid. Andrews. A Codicill to be annexed to the last will and testament of Sir John Davy knight deceased. Memorand: that the foure and twentith day of May 1624 or therabouts the said Sir John Davy knight after he had made his last will and testament and therein had nominated and appointed Robert Eccleston his Executor being of perfect mynd and memory did declare and expresse his intent and meaning to be that the remainder and residue of his personall estate (were the same more or were it lesse) should be unto the same Robert Eccleston his said Executor and that none had occasion to be offended with his giveing and disposeing of his owne as he would himselfe, or he the said Testator used words to that effecte in the presence of divers credible wittnesses. Proved with codicil annexed June 16 1624 by oath of Robert Eccleston the Executor [in margin, in Latin], confirmed by difinitive sentence pronounced 2nd of Edmund 1624. [C.P.C. "Byrde" fo. 64"]. [In Latin:] Sentence for confirmation of will of Sir John Davy knt. late of the parish of St. Mary Aldermanbury London defunct, with codicil annexed. Suit between Robert Eccleston the Exor. named in will of the one part, and "Venerabilem Virum Dom. Thomam Smith militem," Elizabeth Lady Fanshawe widow, Thomas Smith, Thomas Fanshawe "rune militem," William Fanshawe Esq., Alice Lady Hatton, Sir Arthur Harris, and John Smith Esq. of the other part. Found that the said Sir John Davy '' mentis compotem et in sua sana memoria existen' suum rite et ltime condidisse (1) Living 1634, Receiver General for the Duchy of Lancaster. (2) Sixth daughter of Thomas Smith, wife of Sir Henry Fanshawe, eldest son of Thomas Fanshawe, who married to his second wife Joane, third daughter of Thomas Smith. (3) Of Jenkins, in Barking, co. Essex, brother to Sir Henry Fanshawe, second son of Thomas Fanshawe, by Joane Smith. (4) Of Parcelowes, parish of Dagenham, Essex, third son of Thomas. (5) Cousins german of Testator. (6) Wife to Sir Christopher H., of Clay Hall, in Barking, first daughter to Thomas Fanshawe and Joan Smith.