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" Old Bkecknock Chips." 60 goldsmith, who remarried with Sir Eichard Gurney in October, 1632. Sir Richard was the famous Boyalist Lord Mayor, created a Baronet December 14th, 1641, and who died a prisoner in the Tower, October 6th, 1647. Will proved October 12 th following. His daughter and coheir, by a previous wife, married Sir John Pettus, the first systematic writer on mines and mining in England. [Collect. Topog. et Gen. 4-91. "Extinct Barts.," Burke. " Visitn., Lond.," 1634, &c] Sir John Awbrey, son of Sir John and Mary South, married by Lie. from Vicar Gen. Arch. Cant. dat. Feb. 27 1678-9, at the Church of St. James, Clerkenwell. Mar. 1 following, Margaret daur. of Sir John and Eliz. Lowther, he aged about 27 she aged about 19. Sir John Awbrey, 3rd Bart., their son, described as "of Llantrithyd co. Glam. above 21 with no parents or guardians," had Lie. from Faculty Office Arch. Cant. June 19, 1701, to marry " Mary Stealy, of the same place, spinster, aged about 30, at her own disposal." The subsequent Baronets of Llantrithyd and of Boarstall, co. Bucks, descended from this unequal match. A-wbrey of Cantreff descended from Jenkin, younger brother to William Awbrey, of Abercynrig, temp. H. 7 and H. 8. 1578-9. Jan. 19. 21 Eliz. " I Charles Awbrey of Cantreff co. Brecon Esqre." Mentions son-in-law Eichard Masterson and Jane his wife, " my daughter." William Havard my eldest daughter's son. Ales my wife. Margaret Havard my eldest daughter. Gives " my cote of arms and my trick cote " to Masterson. Brother Morice Awbrey and sister Elizabeth Awbrey. Executors, son-in- law Eichard Masterson and wife Alice Awbrey. Proved July 1 1580 by Eichard Masterson, Alice the widow being deceased. [C.P.C. Arundell, fo. 26]. George Holford, of Newborough, in Dutton, co. Cheshire, second son but heir male of Holford, of Holford, married Jane daur. and heir of Charles Awbrey of Cantriff in Brecknockshire, and widow of Henry Masterson and had issue &c. fOrmerod's Cheshire, 2nd Edit., vol. 1, page 672.] Funeral Certificate. George Houlford of Newbroughe co. Chester Esqre. died at N. Jan. 11 1635-6, buried in Budworth Church. He married Jane daur. and sole heir to Charles Awbrey of Cantrifie co. Brecknoke gent., by whom he had issue George ob. s.p. Thomas Houlford Esqre. " now sonne and heyre, 50 years or thereabouts at the tyme of his father's decease," married first Mary daughter to John younger brother to Thomas Brook of Norton Esqre., issue died young : mard. secondly Katheryn daur. to Sir William Hanmer, of the Fenns, co. Flint, knt., s.jo. &c. Certificate made by Randle Holme Jan. 15, 1635-6. [Lane: and dies: Historical Soc.,vol. 6, p. 112.] A.S.M. [To be Concluded] . FEIDAY, JULY 13th, 1888. OLD BEECON WILLS. [Concluded from July 6th, 1888.] FOUE GENERATIONS OF AWBEEY OF YNYSKEDWIN. Inquisition taken at Brecon Sept. 16. 10. Chas. [1634], after the death of Morgan Awbrey, Esq. (first generation). He was seized of one capital messuage with lands and ten', in the par. of Ystradgunlais, co. Brecon, called Kydwyn, of 5 mess, and lands in the par. of Ystradgunlais, called [G] yry and Pallegge, of the adowson of the rectory of the par. Church of Ystradgunlais, of 32 mess. ten. and lands in the said par., of 2 water mills in the same, of one mess, and lands in the par. of Devynock co. Brecon, of 3 mess, in the par. of Llandilo Vawr co. Carmarthen, of 35 mess. &c, in par. of Llangwick co. Glam., of 2 mess, in par. of Killbebill sd. co., and of one mess'. &c. in par. of Llantheysant co. Carm: and being so seized made his will touching the said lands, dated Mar. 30. 8. Chas. [1632]. " I Morgan Awbry of Enisgedwin co. Brecon Esq.", to be buried in par. Church there : bequest to the poor at discretion of Margaret my wife and Morgan rny son: to the re¬ parations of the Chapel of Cobren [Colbren] annuity of 3 shillings, to the reader of divine service in the same annuity of 6 shillings and 8 pence, charged on Messuage at Dlaven Kray in par. of Deveynock. To Margaret my wife capital mess, at Enisgedwin parcel of land &cc called Werne- vawr in par. of Llangwick &cc. for term of her widowhood in lieu of jointure, remainder to Morgan my son, remainder to Walter Eumsey my grandchild, said son Morgan under age, other lands to wife till son reach age of 21, remainder to Ellinor Awbrey my daughter. The said Morgan Awbrey died at Inisgedwin May 17 last past befor the taking of this Inquisition and Morgan Awbrey is his son and heir aged at his Father's death 14 years 11 months 3 weeks and one day.