u Old Brecknock Chips." 54 by the last will of William Ruddhale Esqr. deceased." Daughter Elizabeth Aubrey, Snowdle Park in Parish of Peterchurch co. Hereford lately bought by me of the trustees of my son Herbert Awbrey and his wife, also £200, on condition she do not claim the legacy bequeathed her by her Grandfather Mathew Beedle Esqr. Loving sons Godwin and Thomas Aubrey. Loving coz. Francis Masters. Exor. wife Elizabeth. Proved Feb. 12 1671-2 by relict. [C.P.C. "Eare" fo. 10.] 1674. Nov. 2. 26 Car. 2. "I Elizabeth Awbrey, now living in Hereford, widow late wife of Herbert Awbrey the elder of Clunger Esq. deceased." Daur. Eliz. Awbrey. Sons Godwin and Thomas. Granddaughter Joyce Awbrey. Grandson Herbert Boothby, granddaur. Eliz. Boothby. Mrs Sarah Emely neece to late husband. Servant Francis Masters. Servant Sam. Russell. "William Gregory Esq. Son Herbert. My daugh- FEIDAY, JUNE OLD BEE CON WILLS. AWBREY OF LLANELIEU". (Continued from June 1st, 1888). In Old Brkcknock Chips, December 10th, 1886, Mr J. Aubrey Clark described an ancient and very full pedigree of the Awbreys iu his possession. From a copy of certain parts of it, with which that gentleman favoured me, it appears to have been drawn in the year 1633, for Richard Awbrey, of Llanelieu. This Richard, according to pedigree, which is not likely to be inaccurate, in these later generations at any rate, was grandson of " William Awbrey of Aberkynrig," by his wife, " Jane da. to Sir Richard Herbert of Powys knt." (the Herbert pedigree is fully put out), and son of "Richard Awbrey of Aberkynrig," by his wife, "Margaret da. to Thomas Gunter of Shilston Esq." (read, "of Gileston in par. of Llanfigan.") No collaterals are inserted : the pedigree is only concerned with showing the main line of descent— according to English notions, a descent of great respectability, as carrying the representation of the eldest male bine of the Breconshire Awbreys ; the descendants of Dr. Awbrey, for instance, represent¬ ing only a younger son. Richard Awbrey, of Llanelieu, living 1633, married " Ann da. and heir to William Vaughan of Llanelyw." Jones (Vol. II., p, 366) notes a stone, in Llanelieu Church, near the Communion Table, in memory of " Richard Awbrey of Llanelieu, gent., who married Ann dau. to Wm. Vaughan &cc, they had issue William, Richard, Thomas, John, Theophilus, and Elizabeth. He died Sept. 29, 1645." William Awbrey, his eldest son, living 1633, married " Jonet dau. to Gwillim. Arms S a chevron oe betw. 3 spear heads embrued, B." His will is dated November 4th, 1646, 27 Chas. : " I William Awbrey of Llanelyu co. Brecon gent, the ter Anne Boothby. Grandson Herbert Awbrey my watch. Niece Francis Davis. Grandson Bridges Awbrey younger brother to Herbert, third brother Reginald Awbrey. Elizabeth Davis daur. to my niece Fraunces Davis, to be paid her at 14. Exors. Daur. Elizabeth and William Gregory. Witnesses Elizabeth Fraunces and Herbert Westpaling. Proved May 19. 1676. [C.P.C. " Bence" fo. 46.]. Par. Reg. Collyweston co. Northton. 1692. June 30. Herbert Aubray of Clehonger in Herefordshire Esq. and Mrs Judith Cole of this par.' married. [" Genst." vol. ii., 395.] Dorston Castle, bought by Morgan Awbrey, temp. Eliz., sold by Richd. A. of Clehonger, 1780. [Robinson's Castles of Herefobdshibe. P. 43.] A.S.M. [To be Continued.] 8th, 1888. elder. To be buried in parish ohurch of Llanelieu. Moiety of messuage called Hore Moore, wherin I now dwell, moiety of lands called Bron Llewydd gehy, Keven bron llewydd, Bron llewydd issa. and moiety of ten.' and lands called Tire pen yloyne, together with moiety of leasehold lands in Gowern Loyd, with the several appurts. in Llanelyu, to Johan my dear wife for 6 years if she so long live, for her maintenance ; the other moiety to her, for the maintenance of William Awbrey, son of Thomas Awbrey, my son-in-law, and Elizabeth his wife my reputed daughter and their issue ; and from and after the space of 6 years I give and bequeath all that capital messuage ten.' and lands with appurts. in Llanelyu aforesaid, where Richard Awbrey gent. my father deceased lately dwelled, and ten.' <&cc. called Tuy duy which my father in his life time and his under tenants occupied and enjoyed, the rents therefrom to pay my debts for 6 years: provision for Executor's expenses in defending the title of said son-in-law William Awbrey and Elizabeth his wife to said premises: the said William Awbrey being then under age. Whereas son-m-law William Awbrey is seized of Mess. &cc. in demesne as of fee in Talgarth co. Brecon, on his coining of age he is to assure the same to John Watkins testator's son-in- law (query, read " stepson "), on receiving discharge of debts due to Testator from the sd. John Watkins: if he refuse, Mess, called Bron llewydd issa to remain to said John Watkins after decease of Testator's wife, otherwise to remain to sd. William Awbrey and Eliz. his wife. Diverse bequests to said William and Elizabeth. Said William to be Executor. Thomas Hutchins, John Watkins gent,, William Thomas, and William Prees to take out letters of admin, of testator's personal estate during the minority of said Exor. Overseers, William Gwillym, Roberte Stratford, and Richard James gent. Witnesses Richd. James, John Thomas,