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-.■ Til E AND PEOPLE'S FRIEND. CONTENTS. Page. Drutdism (continued)....... 17 England aud Ireland...... 18 Chairman of a Public Meeting. . . . 21 Review.......... 22 Advantages of knowledge..... 23 Lines on the death of a Young Lady . 23 Retrospect of the Month..... 24 Local Aifairs...... Universal Suffrage, (Letter 2.) Emigration...... Wrexham Police .... l'age. 26 28 2'J 30 Wrexham Church-yard.—A Legend . 31 Varieties..........32 Brief Notices, &c........ 32 No. 2. Vol. 1.1 SEPTEMBER 1st, 1848. Price Id. %-DRUIDISM: OR THE RELIGIOUS, MORAL, AND SOCIAL STATE OF THE WELSH BEFORE THE INTRODUCTION OF CHRISTIANITY AMONGST THEM. (continued fboh fage 11.) Prior to this island being peopled by the Cymry, it was known by the name of Gas Meiddin or Merddin, i. e., " Green space of smooth hills,"0 alter their arrival they called it the Honey Island. And after Prydain had brought it under subjection, to a system of laws and regulations, it was called out of respect to him, The Isle of Britain ;6 which name it has retained to this day. As Noah was a just and perfect man in his day, he doubtless took particular pains to instruct his family in the knowledge of the true God. lie neglected no opportunity to im¬ press upon their minds correct no¬ tions of the Deity, together with a true sense of their obligations to fear, love, and serve Him during the whole of their lives. But as mail was prone o Owen's Diet. to evil, and as it was by means of tradition alone, that Divine truths w|re transmitted down from father to s<wfwb those days, mankind gradual¬ ly ll^enerated from the purity of the patriarchial religion, and sank into ignorance and superstition. It is uncertain how long after the Deluge Noah's posterity continued in the be¬ lief and practice of true religion ; but from the striking similarity existing between the principles of the several pagan religions, we may safely deter¬ mine that mankind had degenerated from the purity of the patriarchal re¬ ligion many years before their dis¬ persion from the land of Shinar. After Noah's death, his posterity, many of whom during his life-time, had considered him a wise and just man above his fellows, began gradu- 6 AicliaM.