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THE W fife Ifli'l llfililblEAK AND PEOPLE'S FRIEND. CONTENTS. Page. Introductory Address...... 1 Present European Crisis...... 3 Local xffairs......... 6 Druidism.......... 10 Wrexham Horticultural Society ... 11 Wrexham Police........ 12 Holt and its Inhabitants 190 years ago . 13 Page. Complaint, and Petition of the Eagles- Meadow Ditch ....... 13 Universal Suffrage....... 14 Poetry :—Wrexham Chimes .... 15 Varieties.......... 16 Brief notices to Correspondents ... 16 No. 1. Vol. l] AUGUST 1st, 1848. [Price Id. INTRODUCTORY ADDRESS: \N bringing the first number of our Periodical before the public, we must say a few words, in addition to our Prospectus, as to the manner in which it is to be conducted. It has been the custom from time immemorial, for authors and editors in making their first appearance before the public, to doff their hats, make an obsequious bow, humbly beg pardon for presuming to publish their lucubrations, and then to add, very significantly, that " they flatter themselves," &c. that the fruits of their labor will be well worthy of perusal. Now far be it from its to violate the well-known courtesy of the blessed editorial fraternity, or to be disrespectful to those patient and excellent people—the Public. Still, we hope we shall be pardoned, if we abstain both from obsequious apology and from flattering pretensions. And, we say, therefore, at the outset, that we pretend to nothing, and aim at nothing but honesty and common-sense, which simple qualities of the intellect and the heart, eschew at once apology and assumption. On these grounds, our pages will be open to canvass the merits of all public bodies, and to these principles we shall reduce all social and political problems. Our pages will be devoted mainly, as already intimated, to local affairs and local improvements. We shall endeavour to give all the aid and impulse we can, to those reforms, sanitary, social, and religious, which, we are glad to see going on amongst us. We shall expose and reprobate all