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"The name Gad bury on any Packet of Cocoa i$ a Guarantee of Purity." Medical Annual, Cadbunra "The Typical Cocoa of English Manufacture Absolutely Pure." . cocoa The Analyst Vol. i.—-No. 25. FRIDAY, JUNE 24, 1892. *3855fe* Weekly One Penny. TABLE OF CONTENTS. Portrait and Biographical Sketch of Principal John Morris, D.D. Lectures on Christianity, by the late Principal D. C. Davies. Lecture i. Open Council: Colwyn Bay Training Institute. A Welsh President of the Wesleyan Conference. "Not Ashamed to be Called a Welshman." The Wesleyan Itinerancy. The Khasi's Prayer. The Ladies' Column. Notes from the Welsh Colleges. Bala Bangor College. University College of Wales. The Children's Corner. Mr. Moody in Cardiff. Presbyterian Notes. HAVE YOU TRIED GWILYM EVANS' QUININE BITTERS ? IF NOT, DELAY NO LONGER, IT IS THE BEST REMEDY OP THE AGE For all Disorders of the Stomach, Blood, Nerves, and Liver. IT GIVES STRENGTH TO THE WEAK. NEW LIFE TO THE DEBILITATED. Universally admitted to be an unequalled TONIC REMEDY, GIVING HEALTH, APPETITE, AND ENJOYMENT IN LIFE TO THE DYSPEPTIC. PRAISED BYEYERYBODY. Prescribed by Physicians. Recommended by Analysts. Approved by Chemists. Demanded by Patients, and PRAISED BY ALL WHO HAVE TRIED IT. GWILYM EVANS' BITTERS. THE VEGETABLE TONIC. Harmless, Pure, Safe, Certain, and Reliable. Never disappoints. Try it! Try it! Pbopmbtoks: QUININE BITTERS MANUFACTURING CO.', Limited, tiLANELLY, SOUTH WALES. From a Photo by Mr. Alexander Sassano, 95, Old Bonl Street, W. PRINCIPAL JOHN MORRIS, D.D. ROBINSON & CLEAVER, BELFAST. Grand Diploma of Honour, Edinburgh, 1890. Two Prize Medals, Paris, 1888. Ix*isli Cambvic. Children's Bordered............................1/3 per dozen. Ladies'...............................«.....•,>•• 2/2 „ Gentlemen's....................................3/3 „ Hemstitched: Ladies', 2/11J per dozen; Gentlemen's, 3/11 per dozen, Pocket JSaxidLl-reJJoliLiefs. Linen Collars, Cuffs, ancl Shirts. COLLARS—Ladies', 8-fold, from 3/6 per dozen; Gent's, 4-fold, 4/11 per dozen; CUFFS—For Ladles or Gentlemen, from 3/11 per dozen. SHIRTS—Best quality Longcloth, with 4-fold Linen Fronts, 35/6 per half dozen (to measure, 2/- extra). Old Shirts made as good as new with best materials, in Neckbands, Cuffs, and Fronts, for 14/- the half-dozen. IpisH Damask Table Linen. Fish Napkins, 2/11 per dozen. Dinner Napkins, 8/6 per dozen. Table Cloths, 2 yards square, 2/11; 24 yards by 3 yards, 8/11 each. Kitchen Table Cloths, lljd. each. Strong Huckaback Towels, 4/6 per dozen. Frilled Linen Pillow Cases, from l/4Jd. each. Monograms, Crests, Coats of Arms, Initials, &c, Woven and Embroidered. Samples and Illustrated Price Lists, Pest Free. ROBINSON & CLEAVER (ASSSSSSSSSSSSR) BELFAST. TABLE OF CONTENTS. Congregational Motes. Baptist Notes. Wesleyan Methodist Notes. The Editor's Letter Bag. Rev. Thomas Evans. Church News :— Presbyterian. Congregational. Baptist. Wesleyan Methodist. The Cardiff Musical Festival. Mansfield Notes. Pulpit Sketches. The Isles of Scilly. Sabbath School Lessons. International Lesson. I. B. R. A. Obituary. DO YOU SUFFER FROM HEARTBURN, DROWSINESS, OR ACIDITY OF THE STOMACH? IF SO, TRY GWILYM EVANS* BITTERS. GWILYM EVANS' BITTERS. From the same cause arise Biliousness and Head¬ aches. By careful diet, moderate exercise and the use of QUININE BITTERS, The most difficult and obstinate cases of Indiges¬ tion in its worst form have been cured. The only reasonable way to keep oneself in good health is by taking a good and reliable Vegetable Tonic, such as GWILYM EVANS* QUININE BITTERS. GWILYM EVANS' QUININE BITTERS. The secret of the success of this unrivalled Medicine Preparation is that it restores the digestive organs, when disordered, to their moral healthy condition. GWILYM EVANS' BITTERS. GWILYM EVANS* BITTERS. Send for Pamphlet of Testimonials. THE BEST REMEDY OF THE AGE. CAUTION.—The great success of these Bitters has induced unprincipled and designing parsons in various parts of the country to imitate and copy them, hoping thus to share the profits which must accrue from the ever increasing demand. BEWARE OF THESE PERSONS. AVOID IMITATIONS. See the name Gwilym Evans, on Stamp, Label, and Bottle. Do not be persuaded to try any other. GWILYM EVANS' QUININE BITTERS, THE BEST FAMILY MEDICINE. Sold by all Chemists in 2/9 and 4/6 bottles, o* direct from the Proprietors, carriage free by Parcels Post for the above Prices, QUININE BITTERS MANUFACTURING OU, Limited, LLANELLY, SOUTH WALES. American Depdt-Mr. R. D.Williams, Pharmacist, Plymouth, Penua,