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SjjgB iiiiTftf•mViagC'SJat'' g^p^^S^^^i^SBi^^S^^EStofeaa^aSSSj 55l^^3-sg^-^^.:.a^'^^^-^lfa^=^gfp::Bi*3j£3S££ Vol. i.—No. 3. FRIDAY, JANUARY 22, 1892. Registered as a Newspaper. Weekly One Penny. TABLE OF CONTENTS. Portrait and Biographical Sketch of John Cory, Esq., J.P. I. B. R. A. Presentation to ReY. J. Davis. Temperance Notes. Lectures on Christianity by the late Principal D. C. DaYies. Lecture 1. A Welsh Baptist Foreign Mission. The New Theology. Portrait of the Rtv. Lewis Powell. Reviews. Open Council. East Merioneth Monthly Meeting. The Editor's Letter Bag. Week by Week. Ladies' Column. What our Friends Say. Academic Union of Welsh Noncon¬ formists. Editorial Notes. Presbyterian Notes. PROMENADE, LLANFAIRFECHAN. VICTORIA MUSE SCHOOL DELICATE GIRLS_aM AHGLO-INDIANS. Principal : MRS. BEWLAY. VACANCIES FOB BOABDERS. X Ju[ "fmmencea September 13th. FEES, and Tw?,?r £nnum- Wanted, Parlour Boarder Music rvT '£°mPani°n- Private Lessons in ClaSseVnowformfngLanSUageS' ™a PaintinS Original Portrait, in four Positions, of the REY. W. WATKISS, MAY BE OBTAINED 03? F- ORCHARD & Co., ■A-BTISTS, PORTRAIT, ARCHITECTURAL, AND UND8CAPE PHOTOGRAPHERS, THE CROFT STUDIO, STOKES' CROFT, BRISTOL. JOHN CORY, ESQ., J.P. COMPLETE HOUSE FURN1SHINQ. B. EVANS & COMPANY Invite an inspection of their Magnificent Stock of every requisite for > COMPLETE HOUSE FURNISHING, INCLUDING CABINET FURNITURE FOR ALL KINDS OF ROOMS. BRUSSELS, TAPESTRY, WILTON, AXMINSTER, TURKEY, AND OTHER CARPETS AND BUGS, FliOOB CLOTHS, LINOLEUMS, MATS, AND" MATTINGS-. CHENILLE, TAPESTRY, PLUSH & PLUSHETTE CURTAINS, & CUBTAIN MATERIALS- BRASS AND IRON BEDSTEADS AND COTS. i Jy.4 JTl X-? KJ> BEDDING—GUABANTEED PUBE. HOUSEHOLD IRONMONGERY OP EVERY DESCRIPTION. TABLE CUTLEEY & ELECTRO-PLATED GOODS (Best'Makes only). EARTHENWABE, CHINA AND GLASS, DINNER AND TEA SETS COMPLETE. ESTIMATES FREE OF CHARGE. SYSTEM OF BUSINESS-LOWEST PRICES FOR CASH. TEMPLE STREET, SWANSEA. TABLE OF CONTENTS. Congregational Notes. Baptist Notes. Wesleyan Methodist Notes. Notabilia. Sabbath School Lessons. International Lesson. Church News:— Church of England. . Presbyterian Congregational. Baptist. Wesleyan Methodist. Notes from the Welsh Colleges. College Notes. Welshmen Abroad. Old Saws in Rhyme. Jake Dimball's Wooden Leg (Tale). Music . Literary Notes. Cymru Lan J\\ Gwlad y G6n. THE NORTH WALES MUSIC COMPANY, LIMITED. CASTLE HILL, BANGOR; 9, BRIDGE STREET, CARNARYON. THE LARGEST MUSIC AND MUSICAL INSTRUMENTS ESTABLISHMENT IN NORTH WALES. PIANOS BY BROADWOOD AND SONS, COLLARD AND COLLARD, IBACH & SON, JUSTIN BROWN, RALPH ALLISON,, BORD, &c, &c. ORGANS BY MASON & HAMLIN, BELL & CO., ESTEY ORGAN CO. HARMONIUMS BY ALEXANDRE, DEBAIN, G. L. BAUEB, &c, &c. Instruments by the above and several other makers offered at the Lowest Possible Prices for Cash, or on the Hire Purchase System, Pianos from 10s. per month. Organs from 6s. per month. Harmoniums from 5s. per month. Organs and Harmoniums for Churches, Chapels, and Schools Supplied at Trade Prices. THE MTH WALES MUSIC COMPANY, LIMITED, Ban^ov and Cavnapiron. E. D. WILLIAMS, B.A.M., Manager.