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aS855pS2ijg3ggj — aSgigjggt n- x -•■"aafiy- riuj|j:w^ir"3iTii'f^3Tii»iffr-lii„)»'■" nmaWi'i^■?^7irirn»i.mr4'-H"~niiHf--nfeyiin i,~„'an*M*mf nutyq Vol. i.—No. i. FRIDAY, JANUARY 8, 1892. i^ggg,£" Weekly One Penny. TABLE OP CONTENTS. Portrait and Biographical Sketch of principal Prys. Lectures on Christianity by the late , principal D. C. Davies. Lecture 1. Biographical Sketch of Rev. Lewis Powell, Cardiff. Ladies' Column. How to Preach. Reviews. Welsh Academical Honours. Mr. W. T. Stead at Cardiff. Death of Mrs. Edwards, Bala. The Editor's Bag. What our Friends Say.- Salutatory. North Wales Baptist College. Editorial Notes. ART WALL & CEILING DECORATIONS. THE LARGEST SHOW ROOM IN LONDON. PATTERNS ON APPLICATION. - "-'r PETER I£0'BI3^0Tr. BLACK GOODS & GENERAL MOURNING WAREHOUSE, J^EGENT ^TREET, Covered Carriage Entrance in Argyll Street, Telegraphic Address, ', "PETER ROBINSON, LONDON.'' Telephone Number 3557. LIBERTY SILKS. CHESHAM HOUSE, 142 to 150, Recent Street, W. Dr. Ridge's PATENT COOKED Food. f-2 sella ifcJ/fcfj REV. OWEN PRYS, M.A. KING, SELL, & RAILTON, Ltd., PRINTERS AND PUBLISHERS, GOVGH SQUARE and BOLT COURT, 757, FLEET STREET, LOIS-TDOlSr, 33. c Xlevo&pctpexs, JHacjasmes, Books, Scc0 PRINTED AND PUBLISHED BY CONTRACT. Tele'?raph|c Address! "Africanism London." Telephone No.12759. TABLE OF CONTENTS. Presbyterian Notes. Congregational Notes. Notabelia. Week by Week. Unity, Union, and Uniformity. S abbath School Lessons. International Lesson. Notes from the Welsh Colleges. Christmas at Llandaff Cathedral. The Clergyman as a Social Force. Church News:— Church of England. Presbyterian Congregational. Baptist. Westeyan Methodist. A Modern Hero (Tale). Walef^y Limited, new electric light studio NOW OPEN. /6'J., Regent Street, 7f. M& ?efdy Bkcor, & grocery, |3amim«s on Woati attir ^niiaae ©ajttsirjT ©toil; fxrr ttmiros, ^liar-pw«s, pulpits, dz. 6. YORK BLDQS.. ADELPHI, W.C. FRISCH, 8CHIERWATER & CO.'S are guaranteed to to go to a minute a month, and to last a lifetime, i* OYER 5,000,000 IN USE. Price 35s. to £35. 29, CHURCH ST^IVERPOQL