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Price SIXPENCE.] [No. 6.—APRIL, 1892. THE WELSH REVIEW. EDITED BY ERNEST BOWEN-ROWLANDS, Contents Welsh Home Rule. By ALFRED THOMAS, M.P. - - - 545 The Parliamentary Franchise in Cape Colony, By J. G. SWIFT MAC NEIL, M.P. 560 Political Notes. By The DUCHESS OF KENTUCKY - - 569 Welsh Nationalism. By W. LLEWELLYN WILLIAMS, B.A. - 587 The Sin of Cleopatra Newsans. By ISIDORE O. B. H. A. LEVI 596 An Irishman's View of Welsh Disestablishment. By Sir T. H. GRATTAN ESMONDE, Bart. M.P. 605 A Fatal Duel. By H. CHARTRES....... 6io Welsh Notes - ......... 622 Studies of the Stage. By LIKNON - - - - - - - 632 Books of the Month .......... 640 Owain Seithenyn. Book I. Chapters VII and VIII. By JANE AMBRACH 644 London; KEGAN PAUL, TRENCH, TRUBNER & CO., LIMITED, Paternoster House, Charing Cross Road, W.C.