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Price SIXPENCE.] [No. 5.—MARCH, 1892.. THE WELSH REVIEW EDITED BY ERNEST BOWEN-ROWLANDS, > ^»«» «~ Contents. Mr. Balfour's Administration. By L. A. ATHERLEY-JONES, M.P. 435, The Crux of the Sunday Closing Question. By W. T. STEAD. - 445 Political Notes. By The DUCHESS OF KENTUCKY. {Illustrated) 453 A Commonplace Correction. By Miss ORME, LL.B. - - - 467 The Methods of the Dilke Persecution. By HAROLD FREDERIC 471 Welsh County Councils. By W. O. BRIGSTOCKE, J.P. - - - 485 (Chairman Carmarthenshire County Council). Lord Herbert of Cherbury. By Professor W. R. SORLEY, M.A. 493 The Welsh Language in Education. By BERIAH GWYNFE EVANS. 507 Welsh Notes -■/'-■'......... 514 Music and the Drama. By LIKNON...... 523 Books of the Month - - - - .-.--- 532 Owain Seithenyn. Book I. Chapter VII. By JANE AMBRACH - 535 London. KEGAN PAUL, TRENCH, TRUBNER & CO., LIMITED, Paternoster House, Charing Cross Road, W.C.