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THE RIVERS RISE. THE RIVER'S RISE. Ik a lonely dell, where there is no dwelling near, and with a pathway through the meadows seldom trodden, there rises in summer a little rill, and in winter a bubbling stream, which, swelling as it flows, runs on, now a brawling brook, anon a widening river on which navies float, and by which cities and kingdoms are enriched. Once upon a time that river s rise was enclosed within a wall of stone: now the stones have fallen, THE FIRST MILL ON THE THAMES. the well is nearly filled, and the wayfarer might pass it by unnoticed. Yet that spot is " Thames Head "—the source of the " most loved of all the ocean's sons;" and well that spot deserves a visit. A few yards away is the Hoar Stone, used for centuries as a horse-