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Ski %$ttumttniMitt (togngataal $$ agape. No. 8.] AUGUST. [Id. SERVICES OF THE LONDON MISSIONARY SOCIETY. THE services and meetings of the London Missionary Society- were held throughout the county in the month of June. The Rev. J. Sewell, a missionary from India, visited the churches as a deputation from the Parent Society, and with the assistance of several of the ministers of the county, meetings were held in nearly every church in connection with the Association. In most places there is evidently a reviving interest taken in the proceedings of the Society, and in the great work of Christian Missions. The meetings at Newport were made of greater interest in consequence of the visit of one of the Secretaries, the Rev. W. Fairbrother, who preached in Victoria Road chapel and the Taber¬ nacle, and the presence in the town of the Rev. H. T. Robjohns, of Newcastle-on-Tyne, who preached in Dock-street Chapel. The most important meeting held in Newport was the missionary break¬ fast on the morning of Tuesday 23rd June. At that meeting Mr. Fairbrother entered more minutely into the condition of the Society and its necessities. He shewed that the terrible deficiency in the Society's funds at the end of the last year was owing to various causes. The special funds raised for special objects obliged the Society to open fresh fields of labour, the working of which came upon the ordinary income. Moreover, the great famine which had prevailed in Africa had prevented the missions from becoming at once self-supporting, and so threw out the calculations of thjpSe- cretaries who had counted on a large increase of income for other missions hi consequence of the prosperity of the work in Africa. Then the working expenses of the missions in India and China had increased in consequence of the increase in price of provisions.