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No. 5.] MAY. [Id. MONMOTTTHSHIEE ASSOCIATION. H^HE Annual Meetings of this Association were held at the J. Tabernacle Chapel, Newport, on Wednesday, the 22nd April. There was a'large attendance, and the following business was transacted at the Conference, which was presided over by W. Graham, Esq. The Eev. W. Campbell announced, much to the regret of the Conference, that he was about to remove from the County, and was, therefore, compelled to resign his office of Editor of the Magazine, and he proposed that the Eev. H. Oliver be elected his successor. This proposal was carried unanimously, and a very cordial vote of thanks was accorded to Mr. Campbell for his conduct as Editor. The Secretary reported that, thanks to the kindness of the publisher, who did his work almost con amore, there was a small balance in favour of the Magazine upon the first three month's issue. The plan for the Missionary Services in the month of June was accepted. These arrangements will be given in detail in the June number of the Magazine. The following resolutions were then passed :— (1.) " That it be understood in interpreting the rule respecting membership, that ministers shall not be admitted to membership with the Association, without their Churches, except as private persons, on the payment of the usual member's subscription.