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lit* |lj0ttM0uth]Skm No. 4.] APEIL. [Id. RITUALISM. THE late visit of the organising secretary of the Church Union to this county seems likely to be productive of much fruit. The friends of Evangelical religion have been roused, and two very important meetings, the precursors of others yet to follow, hate already been held. That at Pontypool on the 9 th of March from the number and quality of those present, assumed the importance and proportions of a County Meeting. The meeting at the Victoria Hall, Newport, on the 10th was one of the largest ever held in the town. The large and commodious Hall, which is capable of holding over 1,500 people, was filled to overflowing. The interest which is felt by Nonconformists in the matter was proved by the fact that they formed, as far as we could judge, two thirds of the assembly. As a demonstration against Ritualism nothing could be more successful than this meeting; but in other respects it was far from being satisfactory. The resolutions were very cautiously drawn up, but the same skill was not displayed in the arrange¬ ments of the meeting. The inordinate length of the Chairman's speech, and of some of the gentlemen that followed him, con¬ signed the ablest men on the platform to enforced silence. But tediousness and prolixity were by no means the worst features of their speeches. With the exception of the Mayor of Newport, and Mr. Henry John Davis, who spoke briefly and to the purpose, the speeches were excessively uncharitable, steeped in the very gall of bitterness. The Vicar of St. Woollos evidently had no sympathy in the movement, and would have acted a more consis-