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(fogngataal $$ap*nte. No. 2.] FEBKUAKY. [Id. VICTOEIA ROAD CHURCH, NEWPORT. AS this Church is one of the two referred to in the article on " Church Finance" in our last number, it may interest our readers, and stimulate them to " love and good works," to know something of the working of that system which has here proved to be so eminently successful. In the course of last year the whole of the debt remaining on the Chapel was removed. At a meeting of the Church and congregation held on Thursday evening, January 16th, the balance sheet of the Building Fund was presented, and a short account given of the financial oper¬ ations of the Church from the period of its formation. The entire cost of the chapel from March, 1859, (its commence¬ ment), to June, 1865, amounted to £4,864 7s. 5d. At the latter date there remained a debt of £1,050; but it was re¬ duced during the same year by the sum of £500. But little was done during 1866 to liquidate the remaining debt; accor¬ dingly at the beginning of 1867 the balance due was found to be £515. Large as this sum was, it was unanimously re¬ solved to make every exertion to remove it; and the most san¬ guine hopes have been exceeded. The results of the effort made amounted to £616 4s. 7\d. In addition, therefore, to the payment of the debt, the Church has been enabled to ex¬ press its gratitude to Mr. Watkins, the Architect, who rendered his services gratuitously, by presenting him with a testimonial of £50, and to meet interest and other expenses, leaving a balance in hand of £31 2s. 0^d. In the meantime the current expenses of the church had to be met, and the ordinary balance