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.1, (tegngaturaal f|aga$nit No. 1.] JANUAEY. \$*%\ [Id. THE NONCONFORMISTS, OE FEEE CHUECHMEN, OF MONMOUTHSHIEE. UE first number is to-day put into your hands Many words are not needed to explain our object. It is "to provoke nto love and to good works." It is to aid in leading you fully ito realise your responsibilities, and earnestly to meet the necessities |of the times. • | This you cannot do without thoroughly understanding your principles; knowing your strength; drawing together in deeper [and warmer sympathies, and uniting as Churches and Congre¬ gations to counteract error, and diffuse truth. Whilst, then, we tendeavour to secure our object, it will be necessary to enforce our ^principles, as Nonconformists, with distinctness and emphasis, [and to urge upon you the importance of gathering around some [common centre. I Union is strength; isolation is weakness. Hitherto, as Non¬ conformists, as Free Churchmen—the heirs of a " noble army" of martyrs and confessors, you have been weakened by isolation, bather than strengthened by union. Our aim is, that this stigma md infirmity shall be swept away—that, scattered over the county, rou may be one in the brotherhood of common principles, and pie sacred purposes of a Christian life—and that, independent and free in your Church organisation, you may be united in your lefence of " the faith once delivered to the saints." | Your principles are primitive and apostolic, but in silence and isolation, they will yield little, or no fruit; they will effect