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THE MARCH, 1821. NULLI QUIDKM MIHl SATIS ERUDITI VIDENTUR, QUIBUS NOSTRA IG-NOTA SUNT. CiCERO de Legibus. ^——■i»iiili»i«m.....ii 111........■ I rr.».m».....rW7»aL«inn»Miiiiiiiiii..iMi—i m »m.....mSSfSmSSSSmmmm——U» THE TRIADS.—No. XVII. Triads of the isle of Britain*. „ lxxvi. The three Strong Crutched Ones of the Isle of Britain : Rhineri, the son of Tangwn ; and Tinwaed Vaglog [the Crutch¬ ed;] and Pryderi, the son of Doler, of Deivr and Brynaich. [Triad xxi of the first series agrees with the above in one reading, excepting that Pryderi and Doler are called Pryder and Dolor ;'butin another reading the three are thus named :—Rhi- veri, Dinaw'c, and Pryder : and the Triad is not in the second se¬ ries.—The exploits, by which these cripples became distin¬ guished, so as to have their names recorded, aire not known.] lxxvii. The three Grave-slaughtering Ones of the Isle of Britain : Selyv, the son of Cynan Garwyn ; and Avaon, the son Taliesin ; and Gwallawg, the son of Llenawg : that is, they were called grave-slaughtering ones, for having avenged their wrongs from their graves. [Triads lxv of the first :and xxx of the second series agree with the above text.—But we are left in the dark as to what the wrongs therein mentioned were, or how they were avenged. The names of Avaon and Gwallawg have before appeared in former Triads f; and the history of Selyv ab Cynan is not now known.] lxxviii. The three Golden Corpses of the Isle of Britain: Madawg, the son of Brwyn ; Ceugant Beilliawg; and Rhuvawn the Splendid, the son of Gwyddno Garanhir : that is, they were so called because their weight of gold was given for having them delivered from the hands of those who slew them. [Triad lxviii of the first series and xxxix of the second only record the names, without the explanation why they were so de- * Arch, of Wales, vol. ii. pp. 60, 61. Tr. 75-------81. f See No. 18, pp. 24U and 214. VOL. II. J'P