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THE : ClffllM©=]BEITOI. FEBRUARY, 1821. m— s ; — ■'■»'-■ ■■.....i..................g.......ggg '"; i _.------a~- NULLI QUIDKM MIHI SATIS ERUD1TI VIDENTUR, QUIBUS NOSTRA IGNOTA SUNT. CiCERG de Legibus. tit-i mm......i........mi.....mi......mi 11 STiTinn...............immmSSjm................ i i ■ i ■ i"f -----------fiT THE TRlADS.-^Nbi XVI; TRIADS OF THE ISLE OF BRITAIN** txix. ThE three Fleet-owners of the Isle of Britain: Gerairit; the son of Erbin; Gwenwyhwyn, the son of Nav; and March; the son of Meirchion : and each of the fleet-owners had six score ships, and six score mariners in each ship. [Triad xx of the first series, and xxv of the second end with the names, without -the illustration, which probably may be the Comment of the copyist of the series in the text above.—Geraitit ab Efbin, a prince of Devon, in the sixth century, is often men¬ tioned by the ancient pdets; and he is the herd df one of the Mabinogi6n tales, as one of the knights of Arthur. The red book of Hergest, in Jesus Cdllege, Oxford, contains a history of Ger- aint, entitled " Ystoria Gereint fab Erbin." Among the poemS of Llywarch Hen is preserved a long elegy oh this herojih which the bard speaks of him in a strain of higb panegyric: -and we leam from the same authority, that Geraint was slain in the bat¬ tle of Llongborth, while fighting under the banners of Arthur.—The history of the other two admirals is involved in darkness; though their names sometimes occur in our old writings]. i,xx. The three .Front-leaders of Battle of the Isle of Britain: Trystari, the son df Tallwch; Huail, the son of Caw of Prydyn, the lord df Cwm Cawlwyd; and€ai, the son of Cynyr Ceinvarvog [Shining-beard] : and one person was supreme dver those three* and that one was Bedwyr* the sort of Pedrawg. [Triad xxvt df the first series Agrees with the above; but xxiii of the second series is thus-—" The three Frontlet-ones of the Isle of Britain: Gwair, the son of Gwestl; and Cai, the sori * Arch, of Wales, vol ii. pfii 68, 9. Tr. 68-^-59. VOL* II; t I