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THE CAMBKO-BRITOBf. JANUARY, 1821. NULLI QUIDEM MIHl SATIS ERUDITI VIDENTUR, QUIBUS NOSTRA IGNOTA SUNT. CiCERO de Legibus. THE TRIADS^No* XV; TRIADS OF THE ISLE OF BRITAIN*. Lxv. The three Families of Royalty that were taken to pri¬ son, from the great great grandfather to the great grandchildren, without leaving one of them to escape: first, the family of Llyr Ll'ediaith, that were carried captive as far as Rome by the Cai- sarians; second, the family of Madawg ab Medron, that were in prison with the Gwyddyl Fichti, in Alban; third, the family of Gair ab Geirion, lord of Geirionydd, by the vote of country and nation, in the prison of Oeth and Anoeth, and of those nor one nor other escaping. It was the most complete captivity ever known that took place with respect to these families. [The name of Llyf, the grandfather of Caractacus, is mentioned in several Triads inserted in former numbers of this work, and the imprisonment here recorded is explained in Triads xxn and xxxix, already translated-}-, which give an account of the family of Bran ab Llyr being taken to Rdtae as1 hostages for Caradawg. The phrase frorh gorfiendaid to gorwyrion, or from the greai great grandfather to the great grandchildren, implies that all the family possibly living were taken.—'There are no documents known to us, which throw any light upon the imprisonment of Madawg ab Medron by the Gwyddelian, of Woodland, Fichti, in Scotland.' The' event is supposed to have occurred in the seventh centufy.-«iThe captivity of Gair ab Geirion has more in it of the character of mythology than of clear history. In the wildest parts of the Snowdon Mountains there is a small district bear¬ ing the narrie of Geirionydd, with a lake therein also so called, on the edge of which are some vestiges of a building, said by * Arch, of Wales, vol. ii. p. 68. Tr. 61—64. t Vol. i. pp.'169 & 282. VOL; II. C G