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THE CAMBRIAN VISITOR. ^y^—■——^—^g^—g . ..... | IIIIM1HMB......II........m urn— JULY, 1813. HISTORY OF WALES. Continued from p. 309. CHAP. II. SECT. I Invasion of Britain by Cass fir—Affairs of Britain to the reign of the Antonines—Remarks on the dturater of those Emperors.- JlN the last Chapter we hare attempted to convey a correct general idea of the character and habits of the ancient Britons, at the period when their Island first became an object of con¬ quest to a more civilized people. It is at this period, that the historian who has traced back the course of events connected with our country, feels himself compelled to stop, and begin his record: for beyond it he sees an unsubstantial space, where, tho' the wings of imagination may play,the fc)ot of demonstrative truth can find no resting place. In making a Sketch of Welsh History, it is necessary to begin with the invasion of Britain by Ca?sar, notwithstanding the history of the aboriginal Britons, from that event down to the period of their retreat into Wales, is also the history, (as far aS we know it) of the whole nation. But we need not enter into more particulars than are necessary to trace the occurrences which finally led to this division. WThen Ambition has devised projects which skill and power have carried into effect, the consummation of its desires only stimulates the formation of new ones, and the moment of corn- pleating one design is that of commencing another. The restless vol. i. 3 A