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THE CAMBRIAN VISITOR. JUNE, 1813. HISTORY OF WALES. Continued from p. $28. CHAP. I. SECT. TL Civil Constitution of the Ancient Britons.—Druids--Doctrines and Practices of Druidisra* T. HE most ancient and obviouily natnral form of sove¬ reignty, was, undoubtedly, the Patriarchal, which simply con¬ sisted in the authority maintained by the fathers and heads of families over their immediate descendants. The original inha¬ bitants of every country were therefore possessed of no other public constitution, than was the consequence of large tribes or clans of brethren, cousins, and other near relations, living to¬ gether in one district, under the general regulation and protec¬ tion of the parent or Benior member of their family. But no country,for any long period, retained this pure and simple form of government, in which natural affection, and family interests, supplied the place of positive laws, to insure obedience from the subject, and to limit the authority of the sovereign. As the numbers of these distinct clans increased, they wanted more room for dwellmg, and thus gradually spread wid«r and wider; jot. >. b p