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the existing church in Cornwall was with the monks of St. Docco's monastery which was at St. Kew (Landoho), a little north of Wadebridge. The tale was probably familiar to the Bretons holding manors at Trefreock, Roscarrock, St. Minver and Trewethert. Other saints used the Padstow-Fowey route, such as St. Petroc and St. Breock (Brieuc), both of whom have extensive cults in Brittany. St. Breock has already been mentioned in connection with the gifts made by William Boterel to the Abbey of SS. Sergius, Bacchus and Brieuc at Angers. St. Petroc's original foundation was at Padstow, but the monastery was later moved inland to Bodmin, probably on account of the danger of coastal raids. In a valley opening off the estuary of the Camel River is Little Petherick or St. Petroc Minor, which was also known as Nanceventon or the Valley of the Fountain which commemorates one of St. Petroc's miracles. The church at Trevalga on the northern coast between Boscastle and Tintagel has St. Petroc as its patron, but this may be a late dedication. Another saint well known in Brittany is St. Meen who in Corn- wall is known as St. Mewan. He and his friend and disciple St. Austolus are commemorated in the neighbouring churches of St. Mewan and St. Austell near the southern coast of mid-Cornwall. Legend for Fig. 3 page 36. CORNWALL: Churches dedicated to saints who were also venerated in Brittany. (Where the name used in Cornwall differs from the one found in Brittany, the Breton form is given in italics.) 1. PAUL (St. Paul Aurelian, St. Pol de Leon); 2. CURY (St. Corentin); 3. GUNWALLOE (St. Winwaloe, Guenole); 4. LANDEWEDNECK (St. Winwaloe); 5. MULLION (St. Melanus, Melaine); 6. MAWGAN IN MENEAGE (St. Mawgan, Maugan); 7. BUDOCK (St. Budoc, Beuzec); 8. MYLOR (St. Melor); 9. SAINT MAWES (St. Mawes, Maudez); 10. KEA (St. Kea, Key, 11. CRANTOCK (St. Carantoc); 12. NEWLYN EAST (St. Neulina. Noluen); 13. COLAN, (St. Gollen); 14. MAWGAN IN PYDAR (St. Mawgan); 15. HARLYN BAY (St. Cadoc); 16. PADSTOW (St. Petroc); 17. LITTLE PETHERICK (St. Petroc); 18. SAINT BREOCK (St. Brioc, Brieuc); 19. EGLOSHAYLE (St. Petroc); 20. SAINT TUDY (St. Tudy); 21. TREVALGA (St. Petroc); 22. BODMIN (St. Petroc); 23. SAINT MEWAN (St. Mevennus, Meen); 24. SAINT AUSTELL (St. Austol); 25. SAINT SAMSON IN GOLANT (St. Samson); 26. TREMAINE (St. Winwaloe); 27. NORTH PETHERWIN (St. Paternus); 28. SOUTH PETHERWIN (St. Paternus); 29. LINKINHORNE (St. Melor); 30. SOUTH- HILL (St. Samson); 31. ROS CRADDOCK (St. Winwaloe); 32. SAINT WINNOLS (St. Winwaloe); 33. SAINT MELLION (St. Melanius). Monastaries A = St. Michael's Mount. B = Tywardreath Priory. C = Minster Priory.