87. Eigrad (Eugrad), Ceidio, Ane(u), and Gwrddelw are all associated with Anglesey (PW, 94, 90, 94, 92). Afarwy, perhaps for Afrogwy; see Wade-Evans in Etudes Celtiques, I, p. 289. Anev and Gwrddelw appear as sons of Caw in Pen. MS. 182, p. 41 (c. 1514) and other lists. Anev may be the "Neb son of Caw" in the list in Culhwch and Olwen (RB, 107, WB, 462). Eugrad is the Egreas son of Caw of the Breton Life of Gildas. He appears in Culhwch and Olwen as Ergyryat son of Caw and in Pen. MS. 182, p. 41, as Eirgrawn. Ceidio of Rhodwydd Geidio was probably the son of Ynyr Gwent (item 44) but we find his name in late lists of the sons of Caw (e.g. Mostyn MS. 113, p. 133, Dwnn, II, p. 104, Mon. Ant., pp. 154, 155, whence AB in MA, II, pp. 32, 34 = pp. 420-1 whence Iolo MSS., p. 142). We also find Dyfnwy (Mostyn MS. 113, p. 133, Dwnn, II, p. 14), Dyvnan and Dyvawy Dwnn, II, p. 104) as sons of Caw; Dyfnwe in Pen. MS. 182, p. 41, while Card. MS. 25 gives Dyfinfe (p. 13) and Ffynwe (p. 46) probably for Dyfynwe. One suspects that Gr. Hiraethog intended to add "meibion Kaw" at the end of this item. (He left a considerable space here.) In about 1590 Llanddeusant was dedicated to Marcellus and Marcellinus (PW, 90, RWM, I, p. 912). Elgan looks like a mistake for Elyan (Elian) (item 47). The earliest versions of "Bonedd y Saint" attach no surname to Caw. In G he is called Kaw, arglwydd Kwm Cawlwyd (item 59-item 62 as edited), and this is apparently the origin of the form Caw Cowllog used by Rowlands. The genealogical manuscripts call him Kaw o Dwrcelyn (e.g. Pen. MS. 182, p. 40), but the oldest designation is Caw o Brydyn, or Caw o Brydain Cau Pritdin in the Life of S. Cadog (VSB, 84). In the tale of Culhwch and Owen he is called Kadw (WB, 482) or Gado (RB, 123) of Prydein and later Caw of Prydein (RB, 135, 142). This confusion of the names Caw and Cado (Cadwy, Gadwy) is curious. We find it also in manuscript D of "Bonedd y Saint" (Kadw for Kaw in items 59, 60). Similarly in Dwnn, II, p. 23, we find Kadw o Brydain for a different Caw in the pedigree of Bleddyn ap Maenarch. Presumably it was this confusion which led Rowlands to distinguish between "Caw o Frydain" and "Caw Cowllog", the latter of which he makes son of Geraint, thereby identifying him, by implication, with Cado (Cadwy, Gadwy) son of Geraint. Rowlands makes this Caw Cowllog the father of Ceidio, Ane and Aeddan (Mon. Ant., pp. 154, 155), whence AB in MA, II, pp. 32, 34 = pp. 420-1. This was probably the immediate source of the Iolo MSS. where all the children of Caw become grandchildren of Geraint (pp. 101, 117, 137). According to the Alphabetic Bonedd in B.M. Add. MS. 14,928 Ane ap Caw Cowllog comes from Llyfr Bodeulwyn (no. 9 above), but in Z it occurs with no indication of source (folio 123b). Being on the left-hand page of Z the source could be Llyfr Bodeulwyn or Rowlands and I strongly suspect that Rowlands is the true source. 88. Iddew Corn Brydain. The person intended is presumably Iddawg Cordd Brydain of Rhonabwy's Dream (RB, 147-8) where he is said to be the son of Mynyo. After bringing to naught Arthur's proposals for peace with Medrod, before the battle of Camlan, Iddawg went to Prydein (i.e. Prydyn-Pictland) to do penance for seven years. Perhaps this last act entitled him to a place among the saints. The pedigree makes him brother of that Medrod who was father of S. Dyfnog (item 51). The author of this item may have thought that he was making Iddawg brother of Medrod, Arthur's adversary, but the latter could not have been grandson of Caradog freichfras. See also note on "Additions to the items", no. 51 below. 89. Presumably the saint of Llangathen, Carmarthenshire (PW, 52), sometimes called Llangathan. By a scribal blunder this item was wrongly attributed to "B" (i.e. Wrexham MS. 1) in the manuscripts numbered 28, 30, and 32, above, and in A B in MA. 90. This entry is given as occurring in S as well as the standard version for Tydecho (item 22). It is difficult to explain as a corruption, although in Pen. MS. 178, p. 19, we find Tydecho ap Anvn ddu followed by Gwnoc a Noethon meibion Gildas ap Kaw. A confused echo of this version occurs in 7