Honourable Society of Cymmrodotion Literature, Science, and Art as connected with Wales. Founded 1751. The Right Honourable Lord HOWARD DE WALDEN The Right Honourable The EARL OF LISBURNE The Right Honourable VISCOUNT CAMROSE. The Right Honourable VISCOUNT SANKEY. The Right Honourable Viscount SIMON, P.M., K.C.V.O., G.C.S.I. The Right Honourable Viscount TRBDBGAR. The Right Honourable LORD ABBRDARE. Thr Right Honourable LORD CLWYD. The Right Honourable LORD DYNEVOR. The Right Honourable LORD HARLECH. The Right Honourable VISCOUNT KEMSLEY. The Right Honourable LORD MOSTYN. The Most Rev. The ARCHBISHOP of CARDIFF. The Right Rev. THE LORD BISHOP OF ST. ASAPH. The Right Rev. THE LORD Bishop of ST. DAVID'S. The Right Rev. THE LORD BISHOP OF Mon- MOUTH. The Right Rev. THE LORD Bishop OF Swansea AND BRECON. The Right Rev. DAVID MATHEW, M.A., Lrrr.D., F.S.A. The Right Honourable Sir JOHN ELDON BANKES, G.C.B. The Right Honourable GWILYM LLOYD GEORGE, M.P. Dr. H. IDRIS BELL, C.B., O.B.E., F.B.A., D.LITT. J. L. C. CECIL-WILLIAMS, M.A., LL.B., (Hon. Secretary). IFAN AB O. EDWARDS, M.A. J. GORONWY EDWARDS, F.B.A., M.A. D. L. EVANS, B.A., B.LITT. Principal IFOR L. EVANS, M.A. Miss JANET EVANS. L. N. VINCENT EVANS, C.B. SIR WILLIAM LL. Davies, M.A. LL. WYN GRIFFITH, O.B.E. (Hon. Editor). Professor W. J. GRUFFYDD, M.A. EDWARD JAMES. J.P., F.J.I. HOWELL E. JAMES, B.A. R. T. JENKINS, M.A., D.LITT. FOR THE YEAR 1945 THE FOR THE ENCOURAGEMENT OF Patron HIS MAJESTY THE KING President: Vice-Presidents: The Right Honourable J. J. LLEWELLIN, C.B.E., M.C., M.A. The CHANCELLOR, UNIVERSITY OF WALES. The VICE-CHANCELLOR, UNIVERSITY OF WALES. The VICE-CHANCELLOR, UNIVERSITY OF YALE, U.S.A. SIR W. GOSCOMBE JOHN, R.A., LL.D. SIR EVAN D. JONES, Bart., LL.D. SIR JOHN E. LLOYD, F.B.A., M.A., D.UTT. Miss GWENDOLINE E. DAVIES. His Hohour JUDGE ERNEST EVANS, K.C. D. R. Hughes, Esq. AUGUSTUS JOHN, Esq., O.M., R.A., P.R.C.A., LL.D. J. CHARLES JONES, Esq., A.M.I.E.E. Rev. CANON MAURICE JONES, D.D. R. O. JONES, Esq. Professor T. GWYNN JONES, C.B.A., M.A., D.LITT. Rev. H. ELVET LEWIS, M.A., D.D. T. E. MORRIS, Esq., M.A., LL.M. General SIR HENRY AP RHYS PRYCE, K.c.B., C.M.G., D.S.O. ERNEST RHYS, Esq. Miss MYVANWY RHYS, M.A. Mrs. D. RHYS-ROBBRTS. D. ROWLAND THOMAS, K.C. Professor IFOR WILLIAMS, F.B.A., D.LITT. J. IoRWERTH WILLIAMS, Esq., M.A., LL.B. Council T. ARNOLD LEWIS. A. B. OLDFrELD-DAVIES, M.A. T. D. SLINGSBY-JENKINS, J.P., (Hon Treasurer). A. ROCYN JONES, F.R.C.S. THOMAS JONES, C.H., M.A., LL.D. WILLIAM JONES, C.B.E. H. V. LLOYD-JONES, M.A. R. HOPKIN Morris, K.C. Rev. D. S. OWEN, B.A. D. HUGHES-PARRY, M.A., LL.M. T. H. PARRY-WILLIAMS, M.A. ROBERT RICHARDS, B.A., M.P. B. B. THOMAS, M.A. W. JENKYN THOMAS, M.A. SIR WYNN P. WHELDON, D.S.O., M.A., LL.B. Honorary Auditors T. ARNOLD LEWIS and R. O. JONES Honorary Secretary J. L. C. CECIL-WILLIAMS, M.A., LL.B. Honorary Editor: LL. WYN GRIFFITH, O.B.E.