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THE HONOURABLE SOCIETY OF CYMMRODORION Patron: HM. THE KING. President The Right Hon. Lord Howard de Walden. Chairman of the Council The Rev. G. Hartwell Jones, M.A., D.D., D.Litt., F.S.A. Hon. Secretary J. L. C. Cecil-Williams, M.A., LL.B. Hon. Editor U. Wyn Griffith. The HONOURABLE Society OF Cymmrodorion, originally founded under Royal patronage in 1751, was revived in 1873, with the object of bringing into closer contact Welshmen, particularly those resident out of Wales, who are anxious to advance the welfare of their country and of enabling them to unite their efforts for that purpose. Its especial aims are the improvement of Education and the promotion of intellectual culture by the encouragement of Literature, Science, and Art, as connected with Wales. Subscription to the Society, entitling members to copies of all its publications, and admission to all meetings One Guinea per annum. Application for membership should be addressed to the Hon. Secretary, J. L. C. Cecil-Williams, 20, Bedford Square, London, W.C.I. LIST OF PUBLICATIONS Y Cymmrodor, Vols. iv, v, vi, vii, viii, ix, x, xi, xii. New Series. Vols. xiii, xiv, xv, xvi, xvii, xviii, xix, xx, xxi, xxii, xxiii, xxiv, xxv, xxvi, xxvii, xxviii, xxix, xxx, xxxi, xxxii, xxxiii, xxxiv, xxxv, xxxvi, xxxvii, xxix, xl, xli, xlii, xliii, xliv, xlv, and xlvi. [Vol. iii, out of print.] The History of the Cymmrodorion. Out of print. A Dictionary in Englyshe and Welshe, by Wyllyam Salesbury (1547). Facsimile, black letter. 4 parts. The Gododin of Aneurin Gwawdrydd, by Thomas Stephens, Author of The Literature of the Kymry. 6 parts. An Essay on Pennillion Singing (Hanes ac Henafiaeth Canu gyda'r Tannau), by J. Jones (Idris Vychan). Ystorya de Carolo Magno (from the Red Book of Hergest "). Athravaeth Gristnogavl (from the unique copy belonging to the late Prince Louis Lucien Bonaparte, originally printed at Milan, A.D. 1568). The Blessedness of Brytaine, by Maurice Kyffin (1587). Gerald the Welshman, by Henry Owen, D.C.L. Oxon., F.S.A. Gwethiau lolo Goch: Gyda Nodiadau Hanesyddol a Beirniadol, gan Charles Ashton. (The Works of Iolo Goch.) The Transactions of the Honourable Society of Cymmrodorion (annually) from 1892-93 to 1939. The Story of Newcastle Emlyn and Atpar (from Y Cymmrodor, vol. xxxii). The Puritan Visitation of Jesus College, Oxford, and Dr. Michael Roberts, 1648- 1667 (from the Transactions, 1922-23). Goronwy Owen and his Bicentenary (1728-1923). With Photographs and Facsimiles.