TRANSACTIONS OF THE Tonoura├čle ^octefy of Cymmrodorion. SESSION 1916-17. FOREIGN ELEMENTS IN WELSH MEDIAEVAL LAW.1 By THE RIGHT Hon. Sir D. BRYNMOR-JONES, K.C. I PROPOSE to read to-night a paper on some of the foreign elements in our mediseval law. As you all know MSS. concerning the laws and customs of the Welsh people form a very considerable part of the literature which a friendly and fortunate fate, or perhaps, I ought to say, the provi- dent patriotism of some of our ancestors devoted to letters and the past of their native land, has preserved and handed down to us. The title is not attractive; for as the late Dr. Stubbs said "the history of institutions cannot be mastered, nay cannot even be approached without an effort", and this is emphatically true of subjects connected with the origin and development of legal doctrines and procedure. It is therefore with some diffidence, but relying on the eclectic tolerance of this Society, that I attempt to interest you in some problems raised by the study of these law books. My text to-night-I know every orthodox Welshman likes a text before a sermon-is taken from the preface 1 Read in part before the Honourable Society of Cymmrodorion at No. 20, Hanover Square, on Thursday the 18th day of January, 1917. Chairman-The Hon. Mr. Justice Sankey.