€a&nbar of mpnn (of Bmpdir) (papery 1515-1690, in t$t national EiBrarp of mates dnb GlsemBere.1 A REVIEW By PROF. CAROLINE A. J. SKEEL, M.A., D.Lit. IN 1787 Horace Walpole wrote of the recently published Paston Letters that to him they made all other letters not worth reading. No one in 1927 is likely to say the same of the Wynn Papers, and yet the publication of the long-expected Calendar is an event which gladdens the heart of students of Welsh history. The Calendar gives the substance not only of those Wynn Papers which, through the generosity of Sir John Williams and Sir Herbert Lewis, have found a permanent home in the National Library, but also of that portion of the family papers which once formed part of the collection of Sir Thomas Phillipps and are now preserved in the Cardiff Public Library. An appendix contains ten letters re- printed from the Gentleman's Magazine 1781, 1789, 1790 and 1793. No Calendar can of course have the interest and value of full transcripts, but the work in this case has been so well done that it is possible to follow with unflagging interest the story of the Wynn family for a hundred and seventy-five years. The first letter in the collection is one from Mary, Duchess of Suffolk, sister of Henry VIII, to John ap 1 Aberystwyth, The National Library of Wales. Cardiff, The University of Wales Press Board. London, Humphrey Milford. 1926.