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YSTRADFELLTE, Y FAENOR and PENDERYN KEY TO MAP English and Welsh Settlements based on Map of South Wales and The Border in the XIV century by William Rees. Long-Houses and Derived Forms Gentry Houses, as numbered in Atlas Brycheiniog Minor Gentry Houses WELSH VILLAGES PENDELIN (Penderyn) Manors HELD BY WELSH FAMILIES WITHIN ENGLISH LORDSHIPS VAYNERWENNE (Y Faenor) LESSER WELSH SETTLEMENTS i. Ystradfellte ii. Tirwyny (Tir-duwennydd) Ystradfellte iii. Tanescadelan. (Esgair-y-gadlan ?) Penderyn iv. Gavannog (Trebanog) Penderyn Long-Houses AND DERIVED FORMS 1. Penfathor Uchaf. Ystradfellte 2. Neuadd. Llanddeti 3. Goetre. Ystradfellte 4. Garreg Fawr. Ystradfellte 5. Llwynyfedwen. Ystradfellte 6. Hepste Fawr. Ystradfellte 7. Ty-mawr. Ystradfellte 8. Dan-y-graig. Y Faenor 9. Glynmercher Uchaf. Ystradfellte 10. Cwm. Y Faenor 11. Bryn-rhys. Y Faenor 12. Blaenydyffryn. Y Faenor 13. Cefn Drysgoed. Ystradfellte 14. Gwernbleiddgi. Ystradfellte 15. Wrlod-ddu. Y Faenor 16. Ffrwd Uchaf. Penderyn 17. Ffrwdganol Fawr. Penderyn 18. Trebanog Fach. Penderyn 19. Gellibenuchel. Penderyn