FOREWORD THE publication of Brycheiniog by the Brecknock Society marks another development in the steady growth of interest in local history within the county. Brecknock has been witnessing for some time amongst its own people a growing appreciation of their heritage and an increasing deter- mination to know this heritage more fully, to preserve its records and products more zealously, and to present it more effectively to others. Already the growing interest and concern have accounted for some significant developments-e.g., the formation of virile Local History Societies within the county; the founding of the Brecknock Society; the establishing of the Brecknock Museum and its Library in Brecon; the erection of the new Prince Llywelyn Memorial at Cefn-y-bedd, and the extension of the Adult Education Lecture Service in response to the increasing demand for lectures on subjects related to the county. The latest development is the publication of Brycheiniog-an annual volume of Transactions dealing specifically with the county's history and features. The first volume is here presented with pleasure and, indeed, with a feeling of achievement-a feeling well understood and shared by those who know of the long travail and the many difficulties that had to be overcome before it could be brought to its birth. The idea of such a volume has accompanied the growing interest in local history from the beginning. Convinced that such a volume was needed, the local history enthusiasts both within and without the county have never tired in advocating its publication. As a project, it has been sympathetically considered time after time, only to be committed most reluctantly on each occasion to a further wait for the time that would be opportune for its realization. With the handing over of the Brecknock Museum on lease to the County Council there came new hope. The Museum and Local History Sub-Committee of the Breconshire Education Authority came into being, and the project was taken up with enthusiasm and enterprise. Plans for the proposed annual volume over a period were made and steps taken to solicit, collect and prepare the desired material. The first volume was made ready for immediate publication upon the advent of the opportune time. The opportune time did come. It came with the munificent grant of the Welsh Church Acts Committee of the Breconshire County Council. It has to be recorded that were it not for that grant Brycheiniog would still be awaiting the hour of its birth. With this grant forthcoming, the Brecknock Society very readily undertook the actual publication and accepted the responsibility connected therewith. It is most gratifying that