ANNUAL REPORT FOR SESSION 1937-38. MR. W. E. Cox, F.R.E.S. MR. FRANK BIRD. M.Sc. DR. E. P. PERMAN. MR. SAM ARTHUR. MR. COLIN MATHESON, M.A., B.Sc. DR. F. J. NORTH, F.G.S. Miss E. VACHELL, F.L.S. MRS. H. M. SAINSBURY. MR. MORLEY H. NEALE. MR. S. E. JENKINS. MR. GILBERT D. SHEPHERD, F.C.A. MR. A. E. WADE, F.L.S. Seniors MR. ALEC NORTH. Seniors MR. H. quick. MISS MAY CROPLEY. Juniors Miss LAURA NORTH. MR. W. BOWLES. During the Winter Session the following meetings were held, the average attendance being 49. 1937. Oct. 20. Presidential Address: Man's Problems and Nature's Solutions.Mr. W. E. Cox, F.R.E.S. Nov. 10. Climbing within the Arctic Circle."—Mr. R. G. Wood, M.Sc. Dec. 8. Porthleven and Pilchards."— Mr. R. W. Wil- liams. 1938. Jan. 19. Some recent American Architecture." — Mr. Percy Thomas, O.B.E., P.P.R.I.B.A. Feb. 16. "Our Neighbours in Space.Mr. W. S. Warren, F.R.A.S. JUNIOR SECTION. Officers and Committee. President. Vice-Presidents Hon. Secretary. Hon. Treasurer. Committee.